English Speaking Newspapers and Magazines in Ukraine

English Speaking Newspapers and Magazines in Ukraine

Ukraine's promptly developing history is being carefully documented in all social networks imaginable, as well as newspapers. Mostly published Ukrainian or Russian, they reflect on the news from the world of politics, economics or urban life. However, English speaking newspapers in Ukraine also exist. See which ones are currently the most popular.


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Truly a veteran of Ukrainian press, KyivPost was founded in 1995; it is the oldest English speaking newspaper in Ukraine. Its coverage of various topics, ranging from politics and business to entertainment became the reason of the paper's instant popularity. KyivPost has published numerous loud investigative stories, such as Orange Revolution of 2004 and more recent events of EuroMaidan. Its circulation reaches 10,000 copies. You can often find it on the newspaper stand in Kyiv cafes, restaurants, hotels or business centers. You may get it for free. Besides, you can subscribe for digital, paper or both versions at the newspaper's website.

Business Ukraine

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Business Ukraine magazine was established in 2007 as independent media. It is a monthly periodical, which covers the most important events of Ukrainian business, politics and society. You can also find lifestyle news, views and analysis columns that dig deep into the hottest issues. The magazine is available at embassies, airlines, business centers, hotels, restaurants and other venues throughout Kyiv for free or at the magazine's website.

What’s On

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What’s On is a weekly magazine which is focused mainly on entertainment in Kyiv. After a big hiatus in the magazine’s work, they did a long-awaited by many comeback in autumn 2017. Here you can find announcements of events, news about exhibitions, excursions, interesting events, historical excursions, as well as reviews and news of the capital. Every week the edition is read by about 50 thousand people. The magazine is available at the website.

Lviv Today 

lady is reading newspaperLviv Today is a monthly periodical that reflects life of Western Ukraine. On its pages you can find reviews on the cultural events, news of the social and economic life of the region, as well as business and science news. Lviv Today also contains curious historical articles that will help to understand the region better. Besides, the newspaper's site provides the list of upcoming events in Lviv, making it easier to plan the weekends and cultural discoveries. It also has an accumulative list of useful numbers, hotels, real estate, translation and tourist agencies, Wi-Fi zones and pretty much everything a tourist may need. Lviv Today is distributed via hotels, business centers and airlines for free; and is available online.

Ukrainian Journal

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This daily newspaper is concentrated mainly on the current news in the world of politics and economics. Apart from the news itself, Ukrainian Journal's website offers commentary and analysis of the latest events as well as currency stats etc. One of the most popular English speaking newspapers in Ukraine, it is also a subscription choice of various international organisations, as well governments of the United States, United Kindgom, Canada, European Union, South Korea, India and many others. You may subscribe for a printed or digital version on the website.

Ukraine Business Online

two men readingOne more newspaper for readers interested in the peculiarities of the business world it includes news and commentaries about Ukrainian and international venues and economics. Besides, the site also presents latest discoveries of health, science, culture, offers reviews on the latest cinematographic hits, book bestsellers, gives sports commentary. Opinions column is present for those who are willing to discuss the hottest topics. You can subscribe for Ukraine Business Online via RSS on their website

International newspapers

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Apart from the Ukrainian press, you can find well-known English speaking newspapers in Ukraine available for sale on paper and digital subscription. For instance, hotel chains like Radisson and Hayatt, Boryspil International Airport and press stalls, like in Globe shopping center on Maidan offer paper versions of the most popular periodicals. The fastest way to centralize your subscription are sites like smartpress.com.ua or presa.ua, where you can find a newspaper of your choice. The range is wide and it includes the most popular picks, like The Times, The New York Times International, Daily Express and others.


Destinations magazine and Viva
Founded in January 2016, our lifestyle magazine provides English-speaking readers with the latest and authoritative information about Ukraine. Here you can find articles not only about the best places to travel to or eat at, but also insights into Ukrainian cultural background, practical advice, and lifestyle recommendations of expat-opinion leaders. The unique feature of our website are interviews with prominent Ukrainians and expats, who are willing to share their thoughts with the readers. Apart from the online version, Destinations magazine printed version can be found at the VIP-lounge in Boryspil Airport, embassies, Kyiv premium hotels and restaurants, as well as expat communities. The printed version comes out quarterly.
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