Updated Rules for Drivers in Ukraine 2018

Updated Rules for Drivers in Ukraine 2018

Starting from 2018, new rules for drivers came into force on the territory of Ukraine. The introduced innovations are purposed to decrease the number of accidents on the roads and to improve safety standards for drivers and pedestrians. The updated rules concern speed limitations, video monitoring of traffic violations, issuing of driver license and some other issues. Check out detailed updated rules for drivers in Ukraine 2018 to keep up with the newest laws.

50 km/h Speed Limit

shutterstock 58436968The permissible speed of vehicles in cities, towns and villages has been changed and now must not exceed 50 km/h. The same rule applies in the most of European countries and is recommended by World Health Organization. Such speed allows driver to react when he/she sees a pedestrian crossing the road and to slow down in the right moment. Local authorities has the right to allow higher speed on particular streets on the condition that appropriate signs are installed.

New Rules of Driving License Issue

shutterstock 171807953Newbie drivers will receive their first driving license for the period of two years. During these two years, a driver will be on probationary period and will not be allowed to drive faster than 70 km/h. If a driver does not violate rules more than twice during probation period, he/she will be given the second driver license for 30 years without undergoing additional tests. But in case when a driver fails more than twice, he/she will have to undergo theory and practice tests once again. The system of probation driving period successfully works in Germany, Britain, Sweden and other countries.

Passing Through Intersection and Roundabout

shutterstock 415039984Intersection, where order of vehicles passage is determined by traffic lights or a police officer, is considered as controlled, so priority traffic signs do not work there. But if there is no officer and traffic lights are out of service, such intersection is uncontrolled, so drivers have to follow the rules for uncontrolled intersection and road signs. On the intersection of equal ranking roads, driver of any non-rail vehicles must give way to vehicles that move on the right. This rule does not apply for roundabouts. On an uncontrolled roundabouts with 4.10 sign, priority is given to vehicles that already move round.

Change of Motion Direction

shutterstock 519297394Pivoting motion must be done in such a way that vehicle would not get on contraflow lane in the moment of pulling-out from roads intersection. In the case of right-turning, vehicle must move closer to the right edge of road. Pulling-out from roundabouts can be done from any lane, if motion direction is not determined by road signs or marking.

Fines and Impoundment for Parking Violation

shutterstock 199820630In the end of 2017, the new law about photo and video surveillance of parking was signed. A police officer or a parking attendant now has the right to take a photo of a violator's car (such photo must be taken from two points of view and include GPS coordinates and time) and leave fine notification on wind screen. After this, officer makes a request to state vehicles registry for information about car owner and then include this data into administrative offense protocol. The driver will receive all information about reasons of fine with link to the website, where he/she will get to know how to pay this fine.

Automated Video Surveillance of Traffic Violations

shutterstock 451517689Starting from 2018, surveillance cameras will be installed on the streets in order to monitor and register overspeeding cases, red light running and other violations. However, though the corresponding law has been already signed, the system is not ready for efficient work due to lack of equipment. The governmental authorities promise that video surveillance system will be fully functioning until the end of the first quarter of 2018.

The new driving rules that are still in the status of law-in-draft:

Fines for Driving Without License, Drunk Driving and Other Violations

shutterstock 217065607New law-in-drafts, which are currently under consideration of government, offer significant increase of traffic violation penalties. For example, if a person leaves scene of a traffic accident, he/she will have to pay UAH 3400, and his/her driving license will be cancelled for the period up to 6 months. Fine for driving without license will increase to UAH 10 200, and to UAH 40 800 for the second case. Currently, speeding fine is UAH 250-510, but it is offered to increase it up to UAH 3400. Fines for drunk driving can reach UAH 40 000 and will increase with every next case. However, new rules on fines have not come into force yet – they must be approved by the Parliament first.

First Aid Kit

shutterstock 707307907The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine has recently submitted the new law-in-draft to Verkhovna Rada. The purpose of this document is to update content of Ukrainian drivers` first aid kits. It is offered to increase the standards of aid kits to the level of European norms, so that they will include modern equipment for premedical first aid. The final list of equipment and medication for first aid kits is still under discussion.
Drive safe with updated rules for drivers in Ukraine 2018.
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