Kyiv News Digest: July 2018

Fun fair at Podil in Kyiv

Every day the capital is bustling with events from new restaurant openings to loud meet-ups like Block Party on Reitarska Street and festivals like UPark. However, there are things you might have missed in the massive sweep of news – for instance, IKEA store in Kyiv and a brand new history museum.

New Stairs on Peizazhna Alley

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Many locals and tourists remember the old, beaten stairs leading to Vozdvizhenka and Podil from the picturesque Peizazhna Alley. For many years, the infamous staircase had numerous holes and wasn’t largely used by the public. Luckily, now we can enjoy the renewed concrete stairs with stylish wooden plates on the steps and chestnut décor. The stairs are lit with energy-saving LED lamps. The small ‘islands’ on the way are equipped with garbage bins, comfortable benches, WC and free Wi-Fi. Besides, a relatively new for Kyiv concept — a panic button — is installed here as well.

Hammocks & Apple Garden in Expocenter of Ukraine

Woman chilling on a hammockThe Expocenter of Ukraine continues expanding after the success of Atlas Weekend music festival. Starting July 2018, visitors will be able to chill in a Garden of Hammocks. The new relaxation spot can host up to 200 people with its comfy beanbags and hammocks, placed in the apple garden. Besides, the new space provides food — burgers and sushi are offered here with fruit hookah. Open-air movie showings are hosted here every day. The schedule and details can be found on the official Garden of Hammocks Facebook page.

IKEA Store

IKEA store exteriorAfter the grueling waiting and numerous rumors, the famous Swedish IKEA finally decided to enter the Ukrainian market. The first IKEA store in Ukraine is to be opened in Kyiv under the new ‘City Shop’ format. The company is now testing the waters with the small shops located in or close to downtown, as opposed to the large stores on the outskirts. The date and location are yet to be announced.

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Museum of the Revolution of Dignity

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The events of the 2014 Revolution of Dignity will be commemorated in the museum located on the top of the hill. The new project is made by architects from the German Kleihues Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, winners of the open contest for the best plan of the Museum of Dignity in Kyiv. According to the project, the museum will have access to the roof, spacious halls with a water pool and, of course, numerous halls with exhibits related to the 2014 revolution. The construction works are to begin no later than October 2018.

New Recycling Stations

Bottles to be recycled
Awesome news for those who care about the environment — Kyiv has one more recycling location. The first one is the initiative of No Waste Ukraine, the largest organization that slowly but surely implements recycling in Kyiv. The no-waste station is located on 25, Saperno-Slobidksa Street in Holosievo district. According to No Waste Ukraine, the new station has 40 containers for plastic, glass, paper and metal. Besides, you can also donate clothes and shoes as well as recycle used batteries.

Photo sources: Vitali Klitschko Facebook page, Tanasan Sungkaew /,, All images belong to their rightful authors.


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