5 Lviv City News of August 2018

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The recent news states that Lviv has joined London, Paris and Barcelona in the Top 100 of the most-visited tourist cities in the world. Everything suggests that the city will become even more tourist-friendly with newly renovated parks, more accessible cycling spots and museum additions.

Lviv in the World Tourist Top 100

Beautiful Lviv streetAccording to the press release of the Lviv City Administration, the center of Western Ukraine was included in the world top tourist cities. This year, Lviv secured 64th rank. The city currently is not overflowed with tourists and has a great potential for growth if the touristic flows are correctly distributed. The rating also showed that one of the priority markets of Lviv is Germany - throughout 2013-2017, numbers showed a steady growth of German tourists in Europe. Moreover, Lviv was ranked number one in the increase of nights spent by foreign tourists.

Archeological Discoveries in the Saint George Cathedral

Saint George Cathedral in LvivAccording to the Director of "Archeology Rescue Service" of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Oleh Osaulchuk, local archeologists found a new intriguing discovery during the restorations in the Saint George Cathedral. The archeological supervision group stumbled upon the remnants of the old building, which might be the foundation of the old temple that stood on Saint George Hill during the 14-18th centuries. At the moment, the fragments are identified as the ones from the 14th century, as the brick style indicates the rules of the Gothic period. The Archeology Rescue Service will suggest the City Administration put the remnants in a museum for public access.

Repair Stations for Bicycles

Man fixing his bikeWhile dwellers of Kyiv enjoy the first in the capital bike rental, Lviv stepped up its game and installed new repair stations and parking slots. The small stations will allow checking the air pressure in tires and securing all screws. Both of them are located in the Frankivskyi district on 61 Naukova Street and 6 Symonenka Street.

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Lviv Coffee Festival

Coffee, kettle and cups monument in LvivThe annual Lviv Coffee Festival has finally announced its dates in 2018. This year, the celebrations will take place on September 13-16 on Muzeina Square and Svobody Avenue. Each year, experts and Lviv dwellers will choose the best coffee shop in the city, which is a prestigious title for the Coffee Capital of Ukraine. Moreover, on September 15 coffee fans will ride the city on bicycles to meet for a cuppa on the Muzeina Square. The detailed schedule will be announced soon.

Renovations of City Parks

Girl chilling in a park with laptopLviv can expect renovations of at least three city parks until the end of the year. One of them, the 700th Anniversary of Lviv Park, is already engaged in major repairs. It includes cleaning drainage and cuvettes so that the park won’t be flooded, which is important given the latest flooding of Lviv. Over the next few years, several playgrounds, a sports ground and a dog walking area will be equipped as well.

Lychakivskyi Park will be renovated until the end of the next year. More than 12 thousand square meters of walking tracks, four playgrounds for kids and one playground for dogs will be installed in the huge area of the park. Besides, the park will be equipped with new benches and lightning.

Bilohoroshcha Park, located near the Levandivka district, will be a new ‘green’ area of the city: more than a thousand trees will be planted on the main alley. Besides, 5 playgrounds for kids and numerous benches will be installed to make the park more accessible. The repairs are scheduled to begin in August and be finished the next year.

Photo sources: Ruslan Lytvyn, dmitro2009 / Shutterstock.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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