Odesa City News: First Week of September 2018

Cat stretches on a bench in Odesa

While Odesa might be a relatively small city compared to Kyiv, life here bustles just as much. The first week of autumn brought a mix of news in the true Odesa spirit: visit of the ex-president of France, disappearance and returning of a cat, restoration of the Caravaggio painting and much more.

Former president of France visited Odesa

Nicholas Sarkozy visiting Odesa museumNicolas Sarkozy, the 23d president of the French Republic, visited Odesa on September 5. The official reason for the visit is the 7th Black Sea Summit, organized by the Assembly of European Regions and the German Marshall Fund of the United States. However, the former president of France took an opportunity to enjoy local art.

Nicolas Sarkozy visited the Odesa Museum of Western and Oriental Art and, according to the staff, enjoyed the exposition. He was particularly interested in the Dutch collection of the museum, which astonished the politician.

Restoring Caravaggio painting from the Odesa Museum

The Taking of Christ by CaravaggioTo talk about art, the Ukrainian National Research and Restoration Center will soon start working on the painting by the legendary Italian painter Caravaggio. The Taking of Christ (1602) has an unfortunate luck — the painting was stolen from the museum ten years ago and found two years later in Berlin. While the authorities are taking the matter to the court, Odesa Museum of Western and Oriental Art waits for the returning of the painting.

Initially, it was planned to invite European restoration specialists to work on the Caravaggio’s masterpiece, but the National Research and Restoration Center insists on keeping the work to their employees with high qualification and extensive experience.

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New Museum of Electric Transport

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Usually, trams in Ukraine are mostly associated with Lviv or Vynnytsia. However, Odesa can boast of the rich tram history as well. The new museum of electric transport found a home in the historical building of the car repair shops at the Alekseevskaya square. Built in 1912 by the "Belgian Society of Equestrian Railways", it's a perfect location to commemorate the history of the city's public transport.

The exposition includes retro exhibits: a snow-mobile-tram, sprinkler-trolleybus, tram platform dated beginning of the 20th century and even the restored 1950s tram car. The latter retro tram is working even now despite the respectful age. The museum will work on weekends, as during the workdays the room is filled with the noise of the neighboring workshop, where workers assemble and repair trams.

Cat statue returns

Cat statue in OdesaOn July 5, local artist Tatiana Shtykalo and her team installed a statue of a ‘gamer’ cat called Pushynka (“Fluffy”) that plays with a tablet on one of the benches in the Mayakovsky lane. The statue was made of plastic but looked just like metal — maybe that was the reason why it was stolen not more than a month later by unknown vandals.

Luckily for locals and tourists who seek unusual city landmarks, this September the cat returned to its usual location. The statue is now planted more safely to prevent potential theft. One more local, a red cat from the neighboring café, inspected the site as well.

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Home Me Fest: help homeless animals

Cute kittenPreserving sculptures isn’t the only way to help animals. This September, Odesa activists host the Home Me Fest, aimed at finding a new home for dogs and cats from the local shelters. According to the Home Me Facebook page, all animals have already been vaccinated. The cats and dogs who won’t be present at the festival will be represented in photographs so that no one is left out. In case you plan to adopt any animals, make sure you take a passport with you. The festive program will also include entertainment for kids.

Home Me Fest will take place on September 16, starting from 10 A.M., in the Vash Sad gardening center located on 85/7, Frantsuz'ky Boulevard.

Sure enough, the month has only just begun. We expect more exciting news from the city near the Black Sea.

Source: dumskaya.net, Home Me Facebook page.
Photo sources: Alexandr Sinelnikov / lotsia.com.ua, dumskaya.net, wikipedia.com, unsplash.com, shutterstock.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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