Odesa City News: End of September 2018

Map of Ukraine and a magnet from Odesa

This autumn in Odesa began with the typical city humor merged with art in all its forms from sculpture to murals. Besides, the city by the Black Sea will become a filming location for a spy detective TV-series.

The new art installations at Lanzheron beach

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On September 2, Odesa celebrated the Day of the City. Apart from the usual festivities, unusual art installations were installed on Lanzheron beach to commemorate the occasion. The futuristic 'junk art' sculptures were made from metal and plastic, reminding of the Burning Man festival and retro sci-fi movies. Some of them are installed in the sea, gently washed by the waves, while others stay at the shore. The works of art are made by Serhii Boholiubov.

Odesa Wailing Wall

Odesa Wailing WallThe famous Odesa humor gave birth to another art object. One of the walls on Mykhailivska square now depicts an Orthodox Jewish man and states "Wailing Wall on Moldavanka". The historical area was once considered the highly-criminal part of the town, serving as home for notorious gangsters like Misha Yaponchik.

The new building-high mural

Odesa has mind-blowing murals carefully peppered around the city. Soon, a new one will join them as well. 'The Close Dreams' mural is located on the wall of one of the Artville Complex houses. According to the artist Anastasia Bilous, the mural channels the inner energy of the child who thinks that everything is possible. You can spot the new artwork on the 7th kilometer of the Ovidiopolska road.

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Tochka free art exhibition

Man in an art museumTo move from the street art to the more conventional form, Invogue#Art gallery hosts a free art exhibition called 'Tochka' ("full-stop"). Tochka is the joint art project of contemporary Ukrainian artists that determine the borders between the real and the imaginary, the city and its historical space, light and darkness. The exhibition will be opened until November 11.

Spy TV-series to be shot in Odesa

Anatra DS airplane in OdesaNot many people know that Odesa was once the center of aircraft construction. The Anatra DS airplanes, constructed at the Anatra factory in Odesa, played a key role during the WWI. The new retro-detective series will be dedicated to this very airplane and feature the criminal side of Odesa at the beginning of the 20th century. The filming locations will include Odesa movie studio and city spots, so you might spot the team headed by Michele Placido, an Italian actor who will play Artur Anatra, the founder of the first aircraft club in Odesa.

Sources: dumskaya.net, Serhii Kravets Facebook page.
Photo sources: Serhii Boholiubov, Serhii Kravets / Facebook, nadi555 / Shutterstock.com, usplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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