Kyiv City News: End of September 2018

KPI polytechnic university in Kyiv

The end of September is the time for progress and moving forward - while local activists throw parties to support one downtown street, the famous singer ONUKA raises awareness about ecology. Locals will also have a chance to wind down at the third Anti-Stress Festival. Check out to see what's hot in Kyiv today.

ONUKA and ecology

The famous Ukrainian electronic musician ONUKA and her band uploaded a new music video, which has a surprising location. The young artist chose a junkyard near Kyiv to shoot at, which certainly grabbed the public attention on the news. The idea behind is simple: recycling in Ukraine is almost non-existent, that's why ONUKA paired up with non-governmental organization "Ukraine without garbage" to raise awareness about the issue. All money earned on YouTube monetization from the new music video Strum will be donated to support existing recycling stations and start the new ones.

Chrysanthemum festival on Spivoche Pole

Chrysanthemum pots
The second autumn month is nearing yet the weather feels way harsher. Luckily, flowers at the Hryshko Botanical Garden can survive the temperature fluctuations. This October, visitors will have a chance to witness 10 grand flower compositions at the Chrysanthemum festival, one of the most visited Kyiv fests. Apart from the flowers, guests are promised cozy lounge zones, a food court, handmade fun fair, entertainment program for kids and much more. The festival will last from October 5 to October 28. The admission is UAH 50 for adults and UAH 25 for kids.

Block Party: autumn edition

Kyiv Block PartyIn summer 2018, Kyiv enthusiasts decided to revive Reitarska street located in the center of the city near the Zoloti Vorota metro station. In the nearest years, the district becomes what some locals like to call "Kyiv Soho" with numerous bars and concept stores. The first Block Party took part in July and all the money raised was donated for the reconstruction of the small park located on Reitarska street.

The second, autumn edition of Block Party will take place on October 20. Visitors are promised food courts, stalls with handmade, Ukrainian fashion brands and live music. The party will start at noon and the admission is free for everyone.

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Children's charity boxes

Children's charity in KyivCharity in the 21st century is evolving with the rise of technology. Kyiv keeps up with the international trends as well: three charity ATMs were installed in the city to help children with cancer. They can be found in the Gulliver shopping mall, DreamTown shopping mall and 7/11, Khreshchatyk Street. The ATM functions on the basis of PayPass: you can donate UAH 50 with the help of payment card, smartphone or Apple Watch.

Anti-stress fest 2018

Painting of a man stressing out Those who live in big cities daily deal with high levels of stress, be it a crowd in the metro, deadlines at work or disturbing news about what is happening in Ukraine. Regardless, there comes a time when stress threatens to overflow. To prevent this, local enthusiasts organize Anti-Stress fest 2018. The event takes place for the third time; it gathered more than a thousand people to wind down.

This year, organizers of the fest promise activities on every location from breaking plates and therapist sessions to meditation and jam session. In total, the festival offers about 50 legal methods of getting rid of the stress. The event will take place on October 6-7 (start at noon) in Pochayna Event Hall. Ticket per one day costs UAH 200.

Recycling chestnuts

Man holding a bunch of chestnutsWhile ONUKA tries to raise awareness about recycling, current news in Kyiv state that recycling stations now accept...chestnuts. The shiny round nuts abundant in Kyiv are not only its symbol but also a popular ingredient of medicine like creams and serums. You can take a look which recycling stations accept chestnuts for UAH 32 per kilogram.

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