Kyiv City News: End of October 2018

Metro bridge in Kyiv in the evening time

While the leaves in the capital are slowly turning orange and red, Kyiv's economic development and busy lifestyle aren't changing at all. This month has proved that Kyiv is one of the most visited cities by British travelers - also visited by Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time. Drivers should be wary of the new parking rules and fine policy.

Kyiv is the Brit's favorite city

Panorama with Kyiv Pechersk Lavra at night The Independent British magazine has revealed the latest research about the most popular tourist destinations this autumn among the British travelers. While Turkish Istanbul climbed on the top, Kyiv scored the second place on the list. According to the rate, this autumn accommodations in the Ukrainian capital were booked by 107% more frequently than in 2017. Such a spike in popularity can be explained by Kyiv's growing economic and cultural development as well as new low-cost direct flights.

New mural - now in metro

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While Kyiv is famously known as the city with many murals, seeing a couple-meter-high painting in the metro is still pretty unusual. The new mural is being painted at the Osokorky metro station as a part of More than us art project. Social networks like Facebook were full of candid pictures by metro passengers, who had very different opinions on the huge fresco. So far, the Spanish artist Kraser depicted a Western Ukrainian bear, while his colleagues, the Brazilian painter Apolo Torres and the Belgian artist Matthew Dawn, worked on the rest of the mural. The metro art is to be finished by the end of October.

No more free booking on Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car app on the phoneBooking in the popular service carpooling Bla Bla Car will no longer be free for passengers. Starting from November 2018, all users will have a free trial month and afterward will be asked to choose a payment plan: UAH 49 per day or UAH 59 per month. It's important to note that booking for trips up to 120 kilometers will stay free. The service will be free for drivers as well.

Kyiv cinemas closing

Empty cinema with a vintage popcorn bucketOctober became the month when Kyiv lost its two iconic cinemas. One of them is Kinopanorama located on Shota Rustaveli Street. Opened in 1959 as the first experimental cinema in the city, it was known for participating in numerous independent movie festivals. Besides, it was among the rare Kyiv cinemas that showed movies in English. According to the information from the cinema owners, the building will host a hotel with a small cinema hall to commemorate its initial purpose.

Another old cinema that ceased operating is Ukraina located near Khreshctyk metro station. It was opened in 1964 as the first widescreen movie theater in Kyiv. The future purpose of the cultural location is yet to be announced.

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New parking rules

Parking lot filled with colorful carsThis autumn is the time of the big changes for drivers. Firstly, there are several new parking rules in Kyiv. Thus, if the car is parked on the road with two or more lanes, on the bus lane, on the pedestrian site, or blocks the flow of cars, including emergency vehicles, it will be removed by a tow truck.

The fine policy for improper parking was changed as well. Now the minimum fee is UAH 255, while the maximum is UAH 1020. The fine receipt will be now issued by the police officers without the driver's presence. Drivers that parked improperly will also receive information via email and text messages.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kyiv

Arnold Schwarzenegger on a press conferenceOn October 13, the famous bodybuilder and the former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Kyiv to speak at the Olerom Forum One. During his first time in Kyiv, Arnold talked about motivation, his life and career path as well as impressions about Ukraine. Sure enough, as the finishing touch of his speech, he promised "to be back" nodding at his most famous one-liner from The Terminator.

Kyiv metro in interior design

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Starting from October 18, everyone can visit the new 'Trishy Vdoma' ("A bit like home") exhibition that was opened in the hall of the Zoloti Vorota metro station. The exhibition will show examples of interior design inspired by the Kyiv metro. With this project, organizers hope to direct the visitors' attention to Ukrainian postmodernism. The exhibition is free.

Photo sources: Kyiv metro Facebook page, Podrobnosti, TSN, Pe3k, Andre Luiz Moreira / All images belong to their rightful authors.

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