Big Cities' News in Ukraine: Start of November 2018

Vista of Maidan square in Kyiv

Life bustles in the three major cities of Ukraine. We gathered the hottest news from Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa concerning new transport tickets, restaurants, recycling and much more.


Unified electronic ticket in the public transport

Electronic ticket in KyivOne of the ambitious projects of the year is launch of a unified electronic system in Kyiv's public transport. The ticket is supposed to be valid in trolleybuses, buses and trams. Many people in Kyiv have already noticed the ticket machines installed in numerous trolleybuses.

While the machines appear to be in order, Kyiv City Administration announced a test period for the system. The testing has started on November 1 and is planned to last about 2 months. The tickets aren't available for purchase yet, so passengers still expect the news concerning this topic.

Express train launched to Boryspil Airport

Express train to Boryspil AirportThe new express train from Kyiv to Boryspil International Airport was launched on October 25; it is planned to operate full-time this month. Dwellers and guests of Kyiv now have an opportunity to get to Boryspil and back with comfort. The train will follow the Central Railway Station - Vydubychi - Darnytsia - Terminal D, KBP route.

The ride will take about 35 minutes. All in all, there are 91 seats for sitting and enough space for 78 people to stand. The new express will depart every 40 minutes. The schedule might be changed from 24/7 to the one focused on day-time flights later. The ticket costs UAH 80.

A new hotel near Kyiv International Airport

Hotel neon signAccording to the founder of UFuture investment group Vasyl Khmelnytskyi, a new hotel may appear near Kyiv International Airport that is located within the city borders. Khmelnytskyi stated that it should be a 3-star hotel, where a night would cost around USD 50-70. The exact date of building the new venue is unknown - the detailed plans will be considered after the launch of the new Terminal A.


A new futuristic apartment complex

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At the beginning of November, Lviv City Administration gave a green light to building a new apartment complex that will feature offices on Zelena Street. The new complex will lie near the intersection of three key transportation roads, Zelena, Pasichna and Luhanska in Lychakivskyi district. The complex will include apartment blocks, as well as three office spaces. Besides, future dwellers will be provided with an underground parking and a playground for kids. The city architectural regulations will keep the new complex from being higher than 12 floors.

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Paris or Lviv? Spot the difference

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According to Kinopoint location agency, Lviv will 'play' Paris in a new TV-series called 'Attache' from Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne. The project is international and grasps Ukrainian, Israeli, French and German teams. Numerous Lviv locations like Potocki Palace, Zankovetska Theatre, the Fountain near Lviv Opera, Paradjanov lane, !FESTrepublic, as well as Lesia Ukrainka street and Shevchenko Avenue, will create the vibe of Paris for the upcoming series. The shooting will take place in November 2018.

A new menu-free restaurant on Rynok Square

Chef presenting a dishLviv's !FEST Holding of Emotions, famous for its projects like Kryivka, Beer Theatre Pravda and House of Legends, will open a new unique spot on 14, Rynok Square. According to the company's PR manager Oksana Iemets, the new restaurant won't have any waiters, so that the guests can communicate with the chefs without a middleman. Besides, 'The Haute Cuisine' restaurant won't have a menu - the chefs will prepare the dishes according to the individual requirements of the guests.


Art courtyard in Odesa

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Dumskaya revealed a new artsy courtyard located on the 11, Hohol street in the building where Mykola Hohol wrote the second part of his well-known novel Dead Souls. The counterpart of the famous Baroque house in Kyiv is less kitschy but just as eye-catching.

The entrance to the building is marked with an Italian phrase - Casa stella della fortuna, "a house under the lucky star". The entrance hall hosts a huge clock made of Indian red marble, where the numbers are colorful pieces of Murano glass. The well-known Latin inscription, Memento mori, is carved on the watch.

The walls are decorated with paintings depicting historical events and personas, carefully intertwining Odesa and Italy. The 'art project' is alive and well thanks to Mister Jerry, who has been living in this building since 2010. The Odesa native has lived and traveled abroad for the most part of his life and now takes care of the building he spent his childhood at.

First steps at recycling

Colorful garbage binsWhile Ukraine is only on its way to a controlled recycling system, major cities make their first steps on this path. Thus, large containers for separate types of garbage were installed in the city's Arboretum Peremohy not far from Odesa Botanical Garden.

The three containers installed near the Hovorova and Akademichna Streets as well as near the city clinic are suitable for plastic waste like PET (plastic) bottles, aluminum tins, and bottles of household chemicals. As usual, it's necessary to unscrew the lid and squeeze the bottle or tin so that it takes less space.

PayPass in Odesa funicular

PayPass systemOdesa funicular that lies right near the famous Potemkin Stairs was opened in 1902 and lured in the brave souls who wanted to test that transport. This autumn, the funicular went on further by introducing the new technologies. Now, apart from cash and credit card, you can pay for the ride with your phone or via PayPass. The funicular ride costs UAH 3.

Photo sources:, Євген Кравцов / Facebook, Lviv City Administration, Dumskaya, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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