Kyiv City News: January 2019

Kyiv in winter

The beginning of 2019 starts with good and hopeful news: more parks and bike parking spots as well as new museums are to appear in Kyiv and easier currency exchange process will be put in place.

The Osokorky metro mural finished

"Knowledge is a Treasure" by Spear
"Knowledge is a Treasure" by Spear
"Avdiivka" by Matthew Down
"Avdiivka" by Matthew Down
"Unfinished" by BKFoxx
"Unfinished" by BKFoxx
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The Osokorky metro station became a part of More Than Us art project in October 2018. Eight artists from around the globe gathered in Kyiv to decorate the station with 8 murals about Ukraine. Many of them revolve around peace and war.

For instance, Knowledge, a Treasure mural by a Belgian artist Spear, depicts an ATO vet Volodymyr Donos, who after being caught under the enemy fire and capture, works as a school teacher in hometown Hadiach in Poltava region.

Avdiivka by a Belgian artist Matthew Down is based on the real photo of Avdiivka town that became the epicenter of the Russian-Ukrainian war in the East. The idea is that the mural is 'fixed' by a kid who found an old photograph and imagined a perfect future and another reality for the place.

The stained glass fresco of a girl who picks up herself piece by piece is the unfinished work of the New York artist BKFoxx. The artwork is said to symbolize Ukraine's strive for self-identity.

A new museum on Khreshchatyk

Jellyfish in the seaIn 2019, Khreshchatyk boasts a new museum - visitors will have a chance to see numerous kinds of jellyfish in the Jellyfish museum. As stated on the museum's website (LINK), the showpieces will regularly change because of the short life cycle of jellyfish. The museum is located on 7, Khreshchatyk Street.

The schedule is the following: 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. on Monday, 10 A.M. - 8 P.M. on Tue-Fri and 10 A.M. - 8.30 P.M. on Sat-Sun and holidays. The admission is UAH 95 (Mon-Fri) and UAH 110 (Sat-Sun and holidays) for kids and UAH 165 (Mon-Fri) and UAH 180 (Sat-Sun and holidays) for adults. You can also get an English guide for UAH 280.

Please note that the schedule can be changed during the winter holidays. You can find more information in English at

Creative States: Silicon Valley in Kyiv

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Creative States is a new project founded by Ilia Kenigshtein, co-founder of Creative Quarter, a chain of office spaces. According to Kenigshtein, Creative States will provide the atmosphere that Ukrainian entrepreneurs used to chase in New York, London and the Silicon Valley.

The project is aimed at energetic and productive people that will use the platform not only to work but also to learn, develop their own projects and create a new system of values. The first office will be located in Senator Business Center, a 19-storey business complex located in Pechersk district.

The Art Deco-style space will host up 400 working places and offices of various sizes from 1 to 30 people. Besides, this Creative States spot will be equipped with brainstorm pads, conference rooms, Skype rooms, event zones, kitchen and much more. The opening is scheduled at the beginning of spring. You can follow the project's news on

Currency exchange now available in ATMs

Person using ATMStarting January 1, 2019, currency exchange will be legal and available via ATMs. The relevant document was approved by the National Bank of Ukraine. As usual, there's no need to fill in information about yourself if the amount of money you exchange is less than UAH 150 000. Any currency available in an ATM can be converted in cash.

10 new parks to appear in Kyiv

People relaxing in a parkAt the end of 2018, Kyiv City State Administration approved the creation of 10 more green zones in Kyiv. The parks will mostly be located on the left bank of the Dnipro River in Obolon district:

  1. 1, Heroiv Dnipra (Obolon district)
  2. Near the buildings #4 and #12/10 on Zoya Gaidai Street (Obolon district)
  3. Near residential buildings #14 and #18 on Bohatyrska Street (Obolon district)
  4. 2, Bohatyrska Street (Obolon district)
  5. 16B, Heroiv Dnipra (Obolon district)
  6. Near residential buildings #8 and #10 on Bohatyrska Street (Obolon district)
  7. Between the residential buildings #3, 3A on Zoya Gaidai Street and residential building #2A on Bohatyrska Street (Obolon district)
  8. 6/1, Bohatyrska Street (Obolon district)
  9. Knyazhiy Zaton - 1, Sribnokylskaya Street (Darnytskyi district)
  10. 11, Pechenizska Street (Shevchenkivskyi district)

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Khreshchatyk aims for the UNESCO World Sites Heritage list

Khreshchatyk street aerial viewKyiv City State Administration plans to nominate Khreshchatyk Street as one more Ukrainian cultural spot on the UNESCO World Sites Heritage list. The relevant documents are planned to be completed within three years, i.e. in 2019-2021.

Nominating Khreshchatyk for the UNESCO is a part of the "Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Kyiv 2018-2021" governmental plan, says Kyiv City State Administration website. The budget for the whole project is UAH 257.7 million and UAH 1.8 will be spent on the necessary preparation for the UNESCO nomination.

Boryspil and Zhuliany stop issuing visas on arrival

Ukrainian travel stamps in a passportOne of the most important news of the beginning of year concerns visa regulations. According to the information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, starting from January 1, 2019, single entry 15-day tourist/business visas shall no longer be issued on arrival at Boryspil, Zhuliany (Kyiv) and Odesa international airports for the foreigners of 44 countries.

Besides, starting from January 1, 2019, E-visas to Ukraine will be issued for more purposes than previously, including tourism, medical treatment, activities in cultural, educational and sports sphere, as well as mass media service. The fee for the Ukrainian E-Visa will change from USD 65 to USD 85. You can find more details at the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

New parking stations for bikes

Parking station for bicycles in KyivKyiv Bike City community brings great news to the bike fans in Kyiv: new bike parking stations near the Blue line metro stations. Each location has 5 bike parking zones that can host up to 10 bikes at the same time. The parking spots have already been installed on the Minska, the Pochaina (former Petrivka), the Lybidska and the Teremky metro stations. In 2019, the Vasylkivska and the Vystavkovyi Tsentr metro stations will be equipped as well.

Photo sources: Geo Leros Facebook page, Creative States Facebook page,, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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