New Urban Changes That Await Kyiv Downtown

Monument to the founders of Kyiv

Kyiv City State Administration approved numerous projects for 2019-2021 aimed at modernizing and preserving Kyiv's cultural heritage. Besides, local companies and enterprises also help to preserve the capital's cultural landmarks.

Major street repairs in the city center

Khreshchatyk streetAt the beginning of 2019, communal enterprise Kyyivavtodor that manages the roads and logistic communications in Kyiv, announced multiple tenders for major street repairs in various city districts, including the center of Kyiv. The two main tenders in Prozorro tender system that concern downtown Kyiv are the major reconstruction of Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Khreshchatyk street in Shevchenkyivskyi and Pecherskyi districts.

The documentation stipulates the repair of the street itself, as well as the modernization of its elements starting from placing new pavement, installing efficient lighting system, waste containers etc. The expected value of tenders is UAH 10 152 550 and UAH 20 226 540 respectively. The end term of the repairs is December 31, 2020.

Repairs of city spots with cultural importance

Peizazhna AlleyThe overall budget for protecting and preserving the cultural heritage of Kyiv is UAH 247.7 million, according to the Kyiv City Administration. In particular, UAH 74.3 million will be appointed for the restoration and development of cultural heritage objects in Ukraine's capital. Besides, Kyyivavtodor announced tenders for reconstruction of the iconic Peizazhna Alley near the Andriivskyi Descent.

The documentation stipulates repairing the existing pedestrian zone as well as the observation decks, installing bollards for automobile regulation, new energy-efficient lighting system and CCTV to integrate the cultural zone into the Smart-City system.

Moreover, the street is to be made accessible for people with disabilities. The expected value of the tender is UAH 4 208 230. The end term of repairs is December 31, 2020. A similar tender was announced for reconstructing historically important streets in Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv, namely Ivana Franko street and Bohdana Khmelnytskoho street.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral with new lights

Saint Nicholas CathedralThe iconic Saint Nicholas Cathedral will soon shine with new lights. According to the founder and chief designer of Expolight Nikolay Kabluka, the company will implement a new project for lighting the Cathedral just like the Empire State Building. The technical side of the project was engineered with the help of Jeff Campbell, director of architectural products for Philips Color Kinetics. Among other projects, Jeff has experience in engineering lighting for Empire State Building in New York.

The technology by Philips Color Kinetics is also used to illuminate the famous sightseeing spots like Notre-Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye. As additional constructions aren't permitted for installing on the historical facade, the Saint Nicholas Cathedral will be lit from neighboring buildings on the opposite side of the street.

Pedestrian bridge from the Saint Volodymyr's Hill

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The news about a new pedestrian bridge that will connect the Saint Volodymyr's Hill and the People's Friendship Arch had begun circulating in mid-2018. In January 2019, Deputy Chairman of the KSCA Oleksandr Spasibko announced the ongoing construction work near the People's Friendship Arch and Volodymyrsky Descent.

The new bridge connecting the Saint Volodymyr's Hill Park with the People's Friendship Arch is planned to be opened by the end of spring. Spasibko added that the construction dates are confirmed and Kyiv City State Administration plans to present the new pedestrian bridge on the Day of Kyiv that is celebrated on the last weekend of May.

More handicap-accessible Kyiv

Handicap accessAccessibility is one of the main issues Kyiv currently faces on its way for modernization. In December 2018, deputies of Kyiv City State Administration approved the target program "Kyiv without barriers", aimed at creating a barrier-free environment in the city. The overall budget for the program is UAH 446.8 million. In particular, more than UAH 130 million will be aimed at providing handicap access to public transport.

The program stipulates installing ramps in buildings, constructing adjustable road crossings with guiding fences and special sound traffic lights for people with visual impairment and increasing the number of vehicles adapted for the transportation of persons with disabilities.

Besides, "Kyiv without barriers" focuses on creating conditions for the education of children with disabilities in non-specialized educational institutions and engaging inclusive children in artistic, creative and sports activities.

Photo sources:, Nikolay Kabluka,,, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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