Kyiv City News: March 2019

Andriyvska Church

Spring comes to the capital of Ukraine and it brings some changes into life of the city. Let us check some Kyiv City News in details.

German InStyle has published a rating of 10 cities in Europe, where you can have a great rest for a cheap price. The list was compiled by Travelcircus local travel company. Kyiv heads the rating.
Kyiv city view
The authors have noted that a trip for two for a weekend will cost no more than 250 euros. In addition, you can find cappuccino and beer for no more than 1 euro. The golden domes of churches make the city fabulous. Krakow and Warsaw were also in the top three of the most budgetary European cities.

Kyiv Passage can be reconstructed. Researchers of "Agenty zmіn" (Agents of changes) urban space presented several solutions on how to turn it into a public space.
Kyiv Passage was opened in 1914. Because of the First World War, the Passage was never completed. Only in 1955, after the Second World War the Soviet government finally reconstructed it. "Agenty Zmіn" believe that the main problem of this location is that the Passage is not a final destination, people don’t come there, but pass by and there are no elements of public space.
Kyiv Passage
For a successful transformation of the Passage, you need to adhere to several principles. First of all, you need to equalize the pedestrian and roadway, you need to develop a unique design code with the requirements and recommendations for the location. The organization proposes to use a flexible space constructor. It can be transformed to the needs of the season or a specific event with the help of mobile outdoor furniture.

The first interactive science museum in the country will appear in Kyiv. In the museum people will be able to observe the experiments and plunge into the world of the latest technologies.
Science by kid
According to "Informator", they want to build an innovation center at VDNKh. The main mission of the museum is to promote technological progress in Ukraine, to interest children, adolescents and adults with the science. The main target audience of the museum - 70% schoolchildren and students, the remaining 30% is adult citizens. Construction is scheduled to begin as soon as sufficient funding is found.

There is a chatbot that helps to use the electronic tickets in Kyiv. With the help of a bot, you can replenish your mobile, buy a QR-ticket, purchase a KyivSmartCard trips, replenish the balance of KyivSmartCard, buy 1 and 1/2 travel cards of KyivSmartCard.
electronic ticket
Bot works with Masterpass by Mastercard. This means that you need to enter your card data once, and then select it from the list. Bot in Telegram:, Bot in Facebook:
March has only started and we expect some more great Kyiv city news!
Photos: and Agenty zmіn agency.

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