“Future Classic” exhibition, organized by the Association for the Development of International Relations ADRUM, with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro, will soon take place in Montenegro. The project was founded by the Domosfera shopping center, implemented by STUDIORAR.

On November 28, the exhibition was opened in the Art Pavilion of the Association of Artists of Montenegro in the capital Podgorica, and on December 12 the exhibition has moved to Kotor, the cultural capital of the country, where it will be held until the end of the year in the cultural center "Nikola Djurkovic".

At the beginning of the project, a press conference was held. There were the speakers: the president of the Association for the Development of International Relations of ADRUM Tatiana Kolesnichenko, the charge d'affaires of Ukraine in Montenegro Natalia Fiyalka and the head of the Association of Artists of Montenegro Igor Rakevich.


At the opening of the exhibition in Kotor, the guests were welcomed by the author of the exhibition, Alexander Udra, Consul of the Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro, Mykhailo Shmatov, Director of the Nikola Djurkovic Cultural Center Tatyana Ilytsev-Milyenovich and ADRUM President Tatiana Kolesnichenko.

The presentations in Podogorica and Kotor were attended by outstanding Montenegrin artists, the cultural and business elite, representatives of the Montenegrin authorities and diplomatic missions of other states, the Ukrainian diaspora of Montenegro.

The project received wide resonance in the media and society, as a new phenomenon in contemporary art, which raises unusual global art solutions to the pressing global problems of ecology, responsible production and responsible consumption. These topics are very close to Montenegro as an ecological country, therefore, the society reacted especially sensitively to the exposition.

"Future Classic" includes artistic images that reflect the trends of modern society: aesthetics, environmental friendliness and responsible consumption. The exhibition consists of four sections: "Another Planet", "Virtual Reality", "Parallel World", "Future".

The exhibition includes artistic images reflecting the trends of modern society: aesthetics, environmental friendliness and responsible consumption.

The canvases depict images of contemporary art, combining the progressive development of society and a warning about what might happen if you do not follow the path of responsible consumption and a prudent attitude to the environment: the search for other planets may become a necessity; simple and now accessible pleasures, such as jogging, healthy food or relaxing at sea, can only be enjoyed in virtual reality; clean air will become a rarity, and a person’s personality will be placed in android bodies, as humanity will lose its genital function. This is a fantasy on the subject of today, which can become a reality tomorrow. Recently, the project was exhibited with great success at the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko, critics and the media called it a new trend in contemporary art.

For the creation of images were selected the objects of factories, presented in the shopping center "Domosphere", which adhere to the ecological principles of production: the use of secondary wood and dry trees, the use of water-based paints, the design of furniture and recyclable packaging, the use of virtually waste-free the process by which utensils, toys, decor, etc. are made from the remnants of raw materials.

Thanks a lot for help in the implementation of the project to the First Secretary of the Office of Public Diplomacy, Mrs. Ruslana Linnik.

Artistic images of the project were developed by the initiative of SC “Domosphere”

Production is of STUDIORAR

The author is UDRA (Alexander Udra)

Special thanks to the unique Ukrainian brand Etnodim https://etnodim.com.ua

Information partners: UA.TV, Observer, Million magazine, Kiev city portal 44.ua.


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