Popular Jobs for Foreigners in Ukraine

Popular jobs for foreigners in Ukraine

The number of job offers which requires good command of foreign language or workexperience at international companies is constantly growing in Ukraine. Our labor market is open for professionals all around the world.

Destinations made a list of best job offers for foreigners in search of professional opportunities in Ukraine.

A Teacher

The first idea which come to mind when one thinks of work for English speaking professionals in Ukraine, is teaching. Native speakers are very popular among Ukrainians who want to learn languages as good as possible and have a lot of practice. You can work in a number of language schools (in Kiev there are a lot of them) or offer individual tutoring. Prices per lesson may vary. Usually they start from UAH 300-400. Be ready to work in the evenings or on weekends – the most claimed time for students or people busy at work from Monday to Friday.

An Interpreter

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A specialist good at a couple or more languages will also find a job in Ukraine without any problems. Look through vacancies of translation bureaus or companies in collaboration with foreign partners. From time to time they are looking for new candidates. You can be offered either permanent employment or freelance position. The salary may reach up to UAH 10 000 or even higher, depending on your qualifications and ability to work hard.

A Chef

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Job opportunities in Ukraine a not limited only by language courses. Foreigners can also try their hands and talents in culinary art. Restaurants with delicious food from all over the world or special cuisines are rather widespread in Kiev and other big Ukrainian cities like Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv etc. There are two possible options: to open your own café or try to become a chef of already existing place. The first variant is more complicated because of a lot of formal procedures. For the second opportunity you will need to have some prior experience and knowledge of that area.


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Employment in Ukraine for foreigners also includes IT-sphere. Good programming skills will open doors to leading companies. Excellent English in that case is a must. A successful candidate has to compose his or her CV and be ready to prove their level of knowledge on the job interview. Salaries for programmers in Ukraine are high. For example junior Java developer in Kiev can earn about $500 per month.
This is only a short list of Ukrainian employment opportunities for foreigners. More possibilities are available on local job web-sites like rabota.ua, work.ua and others.
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