Kyiv International Economic Forum (the KIEF)


On November 8 and 9, the capital of Ukraine will host Kyiv International Economic Forum (the KIEF), which has been bringing together well-known world economists, influential businessmen, representatives of the Ukrainian government and reputable economic experts for the sixth consecutive year.

Kyiv International Economic Forum is the main platform for business, economists, scientists and investors to discuss global trends, shape a vector of development for 2020, establish new business contacts and strengthen partnerships.

The main issue of the Forum 2019 is the future in a changing world. From business cases to visionary ideas – the KIEF speakers will shed light on rapid changes in the technology-driven economy. Entrepreneurs, top management, analysts and strategists of companies, as well as heads of international organizations will answer the main question: what is the fourth industrial revolution and how to prepare for it?

Within the Forum, Robert Koopman, Chief Economist and Director, Economic Research and Statistics Division, WTO; Giovanni Salvetti, Managing director at Rothschild, Head of CIS; Vazil Hudak, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank and Johan Eliasch, Chairman and CEO of HEAD, the global sporting goods group will share their views on the future financial world system.

In addition to educational goals, one of the main tasks of the KIEF is to increase the investment attractiveness of Ukraine. Potential foreign investors are invited to get acquainted with business opportunities of Ukraine.

A continuing strategic partner of the Forum is the holding company UFuture, which unites companies and social projects of Vasyl Khmelnytsky.

The initiator of the Forum, Vasyl Khmelnytsky, commented on the idea of ​​creating and holding the Forum: “We live in a time of global and rapid changes. They inspire and bother at the same time. Ukraine has a choice: to hold on to fragile stability or boldly move in an innovative direction. Today we can make a quantum leap in development – we need knowledge, collaboration and decisive actions. I see the success of our common future in the synergy of the upgraded public sector, the energy of entrepreneurs and the talent of scientists. We must unite for the sake of the global goals facing humanity. It is time to move forward, transform business and economy in accordance with the requirements of these days. After all, the KIEF is held to give us a sense of the trends of the future and become the ones who will make it real”.

Kyiv International Economic Forum is a continued platform to shape economic development strategy. Each year, the Forum gathers around 2000 guests and speakers from more than 30 countries to create comprehensive business modernization strategies with a focus on adaptability and innovation.


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