Chang Bistronomy in Kyiv

Chang Bistronomy in Kyiv

‘Bistronomy’ (a combination of the words Bistro and Gastronomy) is the name given to the exciting new culinary movement that is sweeping Europe, and breathing new life into its restaurant scene. Chang bistronomy has recently opened in Kyiv and now offers authentic and affordable Vietnamese cuisine in the heart of Ukraine’s capital.

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Bistronomy concept is characterized by a more vibrant, experimental and informal approach to cooking than you might expect from traditional cuisines, combining bold and radical flavors with a more simple style of cooking. The focus is purely on the food, its flavor, and the feelings that it inspires.
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Chang’s menu offers traditional Vietnamese pho soups with chicken, veal or mushroom/tofu. Pho soups, the signature dish of this bistronomy, are served with lime and sauce. When the bowl of soup arrives, the waiter will suggest to sip the broth first while you work the noodles with your chopsticks. It’s OK, even preferred, that you stick your face into the bowl while slurping. You get a hit of those aromatics while avoiding a messy splatter. Once the noodles are gone (they usually go first), raise the bowl to your lips with both hands and polish it off. This is not impolite. This is how you finish a bowl of pho Vietnamese style.

Other traditional Vietnamese dishes on the menu of Chang include tofu spring rolls, shrimp spring rolls, Chả giò, also known as Nem rán, which are deep fried rice paper rolls stuffed with minced pork or shrimp. Guests can also order a product of Vietnam’s colonial past, the banh mi sandwiches. The beloved concoction combines a crunchy French baguette with pork, pate and an ever-changing array of fresh vegetables.

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The restaurant puts a strong focus on sourcing the very best products from specialty growers and suppliers. Meat and vegetables are supplied by best local farms; all the sauces are prepared by the chef himself. The herbs for the dishes are delivered from the farm near Kyiv, which is run by a Vietnamese family. The chef takes great care for selecting the best quality ingredients in order to create most authentic tasting Vietnamese dishes.

Chang Restaurant is located in the office building. The interior design was created by well-known in Kyiv architecture studioLOFT BURO. There are many oriental themed details in the interior of the place that create a truly authentic atmosphere of the south-eastern diner. There is an outdoor terrace that faces the inner courtyard, a very cozy and atmospheric place to enjoy a dinner or lunch.

Chang is exactly what it says, the bistronomy. In other words - a fancier version of a Vietnamese cuisine and fast food spot. This place is an ideal option for a quick lunch or dinner in case you are a fan of oriental cuisine and are looking for a democratic and affordable place to enjoy it in Kyiv.

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Address: 23A, Yaroslaviv Val street, Kyiv.
Image source: Chang Bistronomy Facebook page. 

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