Where to Eat Chinese Food in Kiev?

Where to Eat Chinese Food in Kiev?

Photo: depositphotos.comKiev seems not to be lagging behind worldwide Chinese cuisine hype. There are many places to enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine dinner in Kiev. Even though, the Chinese fast-food spots’ list is pretty short, there are several traditional Chinese food restaurants that will satisfy the most spoiled foodies.  «Destinations» tries to narrow down top places to enjoy authentic Chinese food in Kiev.

Chinese restaurants and takeaways are among the most popular eating options worldwide.
Traditional Chinese restaurants, set-price pan-Asian buffets, modernized, special Chinese restaurants - the selection of places to enjoy good Asian food in Kiev aims at catering to the most elaborate foodies’ tastes.

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If you are looking for the authentic Chinese cuisine in Kiev, Jiu Long Restaurant (Address: 46B, Shevchenko boulevard, Kyiv, Universitet metro station) is just what you need. Hidden from the noisy streets, Jiu Long is a traditional Chinese restaurant that occupies two floors of the old mansion built in the early XX century. You can choose a table in one of the rooms: there are two big and three small ones. Pleasant red colors of classical Chinese decor will only boost the appetite.
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In traditional Chinese cuisine dishes all the constituent ingredients are pre-soaked, so the whole cooking process takes only a few minutes, and all the nutrients preserve their properties. It is also worth noting that the constituent components of the Chinese cuisine are always crushed, so they are eaten by bamboo sticks instead of a fork with a knife.
Be ready to spend some time on reading the menu as it includes more than 250 dishes which represent the most popular trends of Chinese cooking culture. Your gourmet requests will be very well satisfied with anything from the menu.
Moving on to the fusion version of Chinese food in Kiev, our web destinations.com.ua suggests that you try CHI restaurant in Kiev (Address: 16A, Parkova Doroga, Kiev). It has its own point of view not only in terms of standard Chinese cuisine dishes but on western food traditions as well. With its stylish interior and innovative oriental cooking, CHI has all the chances to become the benchmark against which all high-end Chinese restaurants in Kiev should be judged.  

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CHI’s chef Junyi Yang worked at legendary oriental restaurant Hakkasan in London before he moved to Kiev. This Michelin-starred trendsetter had been wowing London’s big spenders with his classy Cantonese cooking for over a decade and now Ukrainian foodies have a chance to taste his gastro masterpieces.
CHI serves up beautifully presented, exquisitely prepared dishes crafted from high-quality ingredients. The restaurant is testament to the potential of pan-oriental cooking, the finest of South East Asia regional cuisines.
One more option to taste some real Chinese food in Kiev is to visit BAO Restaurant, the restaurant of modern Chinese cuisine. (Address: 14/1 Mechnikova str., Kiev) The founder and the ideologist of BAO is the acknowledged master Chef, talented businessman and broadcaster - Hector Jimenez-Bravo. Hector was so inspired by gastronomical traditions of Asia that he decided to eventually move a piece of authentic Chinese food culture to Kiev. Traditional Dim Sum, trendy Shu Mai Oriental Noodles, Wonton unsurpassed and authentic Beijing Duck - it is only a small part of BAO’s sophisticated delicious menu. Every day the fans of fine food and Asian delicacies join the longest table of the restaurant – BAO community table. The authentic Chinese tradition of gathering and sharing meals at one table was well accepted by Ukrainians.

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For the authentic atmosphere of megapolis’ lounge, exceptionally well-mixed drinks and some posh Chinese fusion food hit Buddha Bar Kiev (Address: 14, Kreschatik Street, Kiev). As soon as you walk through the doors, you'll be captivated by positive energy of this place. With a surface area of 1400 m2, this restaurant can welcome over 350 guests. It boasts an original Buddha-Bar design, thanks to its three-storey layout. The restaurant is on the first floor, the Bar-Lounge is on the second one and the VIP area is located above, offering an incredible view over the entire place.
The cuisine is a savory blend between Eastern and Western dishes, making each choice a delectable discovery for the palate. The dining concept is based on the idea of sharing in a particularly warm atmosphere, thanks to the subtle and captivating musical tracks played by the resident DJ. Buddha Bar offers one of the best modern interpretations of pan-Asian cuisine.
For a more laid back atmosphere and a quick bite head to MEIWEI pan-Asian bistro at OKKO gas station (4 A, Str. Novokonstantinivska, Kiev,OKKO gas station). Despite quite unexpected location, the gas station, this place can truly surprise Chinese food fans. «MEIWEI» in Chinese means ‘tasty’, which perfectly reflects the overall concept of this little Chinese restaurant in Kiev. The dishes of Southeast Asian cuisine can be tasted directly at the restaurant, and are easily taken away, using the already familiar to residents of megacities Drive Thru service. The restaurant offers simple and fast every day food for modern residents of the capital. Most of the dishes are prepared on the wok pans, where the base ingredients - rice or noodles – are mixed with different meat, fish and vegetable additives and sauces. Here you can taste unique ‘dim sum’ - traditional Chinese snacks made from almost transparent dough with various fillings.

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Chinese food is considered to be the biggest cultural exchange between China and other countries. This cuisine is famous for its colors, aromatic flavors and the variety of its regional variations and ingredients. Even if finding a decent Chinese food may look like a tough task in the capital of Ukraine, have your chopsticks ready as «Destinations» brings you the list of places to enjoy Chinese food in Kiev.

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