ALPI FINDER Week of Design 2016

ALPI FINDER Week of Design 2016

Photo: ALPIFINDER ALPI FINDER Week of Design is a new ambitious and interesting project aiming at discovering and supporting interior and furniture designers that use ALPI wood veneer in their work.

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This event took place in Kyiv from September 27th to October 2nd, 2016 and came up with numerous unique and extravagant designer pieces that have all the chances to become total hits in interior design world.
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ALPI FINDER Week of Design is an interdisciplinary project that connects designers, artists and fashion designers, students and famous specialists. Its aim is to highlight good taste and designs made in Ukraine. The usage of high-quality wood surface of ALPI Italian brand is the unifying factor for all projects.


«Who’s behind the screen?» collaboration project is the highlight of ALPI FINDER Week of Design 2016 is. This project aimed at creating unique pieces of interior design - screens by collaborations of the most popular and hip designers (both fashion and interior) and furniture manufacturers in Ukraine. Creative teams of Frolov X Dobrovolskaya X Postformula, Sandubra, Legnoprom, Nataliya KAmenskaya X Fild X Cotto, Vicoseli, Каrаrа, Enran, Legnoprom, DZHUS X Pavel Vetrov X Enran, Archimade, Legnoprom, Litkovskaya X Sergey Makhno Architects created a set of the most outstanding pieces that prove that Ukrainian interior design is well worth an international attention.


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ALPI FINDER Week of Design 2016 took place at Shcherbenko Art Center in Kyiv (22B, Mykhaylivska street). This modern and progressive space often hosts contemporary art exhibitions as well as various art workshops and lectures. One can view the works in which ALPI FINDER Week of Design 2016 and «Who’s behind the screen?» collaboration project has resulted at Musteckiy Arsenal in Kyiv during  Ukrainian Fashion Week, October 12th - 18th.
Photo source: ALPIFINDER Week of Design 



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