Best Residential Complexes in Lviv

Best Residential Complexes in Lviv

Lviv is experiencing a construction boom at the moment. Dozens of residential complexes are being developed at the moment offering a wide array of apartments for sale. «Destinations» narrows down the most popular residential complexes in Lviv.

Great Britain residential complex

Great Britain
"Great Britain" is modern and at the same time designed in the best tradition of construction. English fault-finding to architectonics is reproduced by our architects in a clarity of the complex lines. The residential complex combines British elegance, a delicate taste with good quality and refinement. The owner of apartment in "Great Britain" residential complex will emphasize elegance of his soul and commitment to respectability.
Residential complex is situated close to the historic center of the city. The project of the place, in addition to housing complex, includes a shopping center, a fitness center, a swimming pool, tennis courts, parking lots, and a preschool and the first British school.
As you know, the British know how to respect their customs. At the same time they are brave innovators, creators of extraordinary solutions that are modern trends. The only thing that remains unchanged is a special reverence that the British attitude to their own homes.
Address: 17, Shevchenka street, Lviv, Shevchenkivskiy district.
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Free City residential complex

Vilne Misto
"Free City" is a comfort class residential complex of a closed type with its own developed internal infrastructure. The complex attracts attention by the newest architectural design, expressive facades, panoramic windows and functional entrance area. Residents are offered an opportunity to combine work and a city bustle with a comfortable and safe life.
The complex consists of 7 sections, 2 of which are sixteen-storey and 5 are nine-storey. The project provides a common area with a creative and modern interior. Here residents can enjoy flavored drinks and pastries in the bakery-café, settle domestic affairs, plan a vacation or sporting activities by contacting the concierge service.
For walks and games the residential complex is provided with a garden and a place for barbecue. There is an interesting solution on the roof of sixteen sections: multifunctional sports area in the open air. For leisure of the smallest residents the residential complex offers a kindergarten with a territory for walking in the yard and an animation room.
The highlight of the complex will be a greenhouse, equipped on a roof of one of the sections, where each of the residents can grow their tree or flower, and, perhaps, salad and cherry tomatoes for an evening snack.
"Free City" is located on Professor Buiko Street, 27. "Zalizni vody" park with a healing spring on its territory is located next to it as well as Stryi park - a great place to stroll with a family.
The proximity to the Innovation District IT Park will be an additional benefit for employees in information technology.
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America residential complex

"America" residential complex has comfortable and bright apartments, spacious playground, where your children will be safe. Also the project has a great location with a car parking, a shopping center, a sports complex with a swimming pool. Its location close to the city center guarantees perfect convenient transportation. The place is designed for lively life. This is an excellent choice for talented, successful and confident personalities, used to be successful.
"America" residential complex is an opportunity to make "American dream" come true!

Club house on Lychakivska Street
The residential complex on 79, Lychakivska street is a twenty minute walk from the city center and ten minutes from "Znesinnia" landscape park.


The new building is built in the second line of important and the longest thoroughfare of the city, in the green quiet yard, a 20-minute walk to Rynok Square.
Infrastructure facilities are located nearby and will meet all the needs of future residents.
The residential complex designed for construction is a luxury six-storey club house.
During the construction of the residential complex the best environment friendly modern materials are used, the framework is created by monolithic concrete molding with filling of "Poroterm" kermoblok that has good insulating and energy efficiency properties. 


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Exterior walls are protected by hinged ventilated facades. Energy efficient, solar collectors will be installed to provide hot water in the apartment house.
The apartments are located from the second to the sixth floors; there are only two apartments on the ground floor. The apartments on the 6 floor are equipped with their own terraces with spectacular views on the historical part of the city and "Znesinnia" park. A spacious lounge with a waiting place for visitors and a concierge desk is located on the ground floor.
The complex was designed for 10 two- and three-bedroom apartments, two apartments on the floor. The new building is equipped with an uninterrupted supply of electricity, solar panels for water heating with a storage tank of 200 liters, underground and above ground parking, video surveillance system, and concierge service.
Modern apartments layout, made in the European style, provides a high level of comfort!
Source: Developer Companies (Riel, Kvitka) web pages, 


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