Brands of Ukrainian Interior Design

Brands of Ukrainian Interior Design

Spring cleaning sometimes urges us not only to get rid of the old clothes or personal belongings that no longer make us happy, but also furniture and decor that went out of style. The full upgrade of the apartment can be quite costly, but with right planning and brands it can be done without stress. We picked quality Ukrainian brands of interior design to make the living space stylish and lively.

UA Concept
To start with the widest choice of interior picks, UA Concept is an online store of Ukrainian designers and manufacturers, that conveniently works in two ways. The first is to purchase ready-made pieces of interior, some of which are sold only in the UA Concept store. The second way is to order custom made furniture or decor, which allows to leave space for imagination. The store works with the best masters of carpentry and furniture making, so all projects are approached with professionalism and care. The online catalogue offers all needed categories: cushioned furniture like couches and armchairs, goods for bedroom, lightning, outdoor goods, storing systems, as well as intriguing décor elements.
Futon Art
Futon Art is a pioneer of comfortable and stylish Scandinavian-style brand in Ukraine. The title suggests the technology used in cushioned furniture: futon is a Japanese matrass, made of multi-layer cotton of highest quality, which allows it to keep the shape for many years. Futon Art offers several models of futon: recliner Max Fancy, suitable for sleeping, watching TV and chatting with guests; couch with and without handles, and armchair. Besides, the company has a minimalist storing solution — shelves made from pine, which can be stored one on top of other.
Address: 6, Mykhaila Maksymovycha street, Kyiv
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This brand has entered Ukrainian market 20 years ago, and up to date it stays one of the best manufacturers of furniture for children and teenagers. The furniture at Snite is divided by collections and ages, where each piece corresponds with the need of the child at the certain age: for instance, Snyland series are built to ensure comfortable rest, exploration and active games. Furniture sets for teenagers are designed in minimalist style with pastel colors, which allows to rest and concentrate on studies in a calm atmosphere. Besides, Snite offers a full assortment for adults, enough to build up to ten variants of modern office space.
Address: 23, Druzhby Narodiv boulevard, Kyiv
Drømmel, another Scandinavian-style brand, boasts of clean cut design and customers like Lancôme Paris, British Embassy Kyiv, Ukrainian Fashion Week, Milk Bar and many others. The full assortment of furniture is enough to decorate a house or apartment according to Hygge — Danish principles of coziness and hospitality. Drømmel specializes on tables, chairs, pouffes, as well as storage systems like clothing rails and shelvings. A special pick at Drømmel is a moodboard — square or round steel construction where one can place photographs, plans, maps and other things for décor and inspiration.
Address: 22A, Mykhailivs'ka street, Kyiv
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This design bureau has a full range of services and goods to decorate a personal apartment, as well as bars and restaurants. ODESD2 is most known for their sleek table designs, which remind of the classic late 60s-70s interior. Various storage systems made of wood or metal, a complex workstation, solutions in décor and lightning can all be found at ODESD2. The bureau also offers acoustic systems, which will be handy for those who cherish clean sound while listening to music.
Address: 14E, Petropavlovskaya street, Kyiv
Vintage Manufactory
This studio, as the name suggests, makes vintage furniture and décor — exclusively from natural materials, like wood, metal, and leather. The products at the company's Facebook shop are represented in several collections: for instance, the latest VM Contempo offers an assortment of mirrors of different shapes, which can fit any interior design and spice up even the blandest room. Another thing that catches the eye is Foliage Collection of pouffes, that remind of the early 20th century and are all hand-made.
Roslynka, which means 'plant' with gentle diminutive suffix, has a whole garden for those who want to see more green in their apartment or house. The specialty of Roslynka are clean cut geometrical 'houses' for various plants, made from glass, wood or concrete, that follow the ongoing trend of minimalism. Plants, mostly succulents, are cute — and are very easy to care for, which is perfect for those who want to try themselves at gardening.
Address: 1, Harmatna street, Kyiv 
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Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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