Interesting Christmas Tree Alternatives

Interesting Christmas Tree Alternatives

Trees have been decorated as part of winter holiday celebrations for a few thousand years now (if not longer), and nearly every Christmas special has an endearing shot of people gathered around an evergreen tree that’s adorned with little lights and shiny baubles. If decapitated conifers really aren't your thing, there are plenty of beautifully festive - and less wasteful - alternatives to the traditional Christmas spruce.

Recycled Cardboard Christmas Tree
Trees like these are perfect for smaller spaces. At about 4 feet tall, it’s ideal in a living room or even the corner of a kitchen, and can hold most ornaments on its branches. You can choose from brown or white cardboard to compliment your interior in the best possible way.
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Pallet Christmas Tree
Who would’ve thought that a pallet would be useful as a Christmas tree alternative (although, it was once a tree, too)? Here it takes centers stage as one of the most simple, yet rustically enchanting, Christmas tree alternatives on our list. Just hammer in some nails to hang your decorations off of and you’ll b e all set!

Craft Gawker Pallet Tree

Ladder Christmas Tree
Have a ladder in the garage? Turn it into a Christmas tree with some painted pieces of plywood, presents, garland wrapping and a star on top!


Mobile Christmas Tree
This stylish and quirky Christmas tree alternative only requires a few tools, and is perfect for a simple, modern home.


Growing Christmas Tree
If you’re looking for the most sustainable, eco-friendly Christmas tree option, grow your own in a pot for the holidays! Just pick one up from your local nursery, and plant it outside once the snow melts.


Books Christmas Tree

Stack an assortment of hardcover books in the shape of a miniature Christmas tree and decorate it with old-fashioned string lights.


Laundry Christmas Tree
Super easy and quick option that doesn’t require any last minute shop runs for tools or materials.


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