Interior Ceramics Exhibition in Kyiv

Interior Ceramics Exhibition in Kyiv

To some people ceramics may seem a simple and not really rewarding - but in fact, it’s a whole world of letting imagination go wild. You can see it for yourself at the new exhibition in Kyiv dedicated to contemporary ceramics in interior design - and, perhaps, catch some inspiration as well.

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The «TseHlynaArt» Kyiv ceramics center (note a pun hidden in the name, meaning «It’s clay art» in Ukrainian) hosts a unique exhibition where you can see works of contemporary Ukrainian ceramists. Have you ever thought of how ordinary daily objects we use truly are? Vases and lamps, kettles and dishware - after some time we stop noticing their details and it blurs into an appliance we use without second thoughts.
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Surely, this won’t happen to the exhibits you’ll see: simple, elegant and integral, they remind more of an art object than something out of mundane life. Leading Ukrainian artists and designers, will make sure you’ll never look at kettle the same way. Students of the Lviv National Art Academy and contestants of the DEC ART third international art-residence are among the exhibition participants. Visitors have a chance to attend a lecture of the «TseHlynaArt», organized by the ArtHuss fund on the 27th of October at 7 P.M.
Exhibition will last till the 28th of October.
Address: 2B, Naberezhno-Luhova street
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Photo source: «TseHlynaArt» center Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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