Olga Fradina: about design and art

Olga Fradina: about design and art

P & F Architectural Studio was established many years ago by Lidiya Pfayfer and Olga Fradina. Since then the designers created a lot of successful architectural objects in different European countries. We’ve met with Olga Fradina and talked about her new immersion into ceramics.

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About ceramics
I started to work with ceramics recently. I do everything by myself so it takes a lot of time. I need to learn the whole process otherwise I won’t be able to control it. What about the result? I do not know, but I'm very much interested in getting it done. Sometimes I create functional things, sometimes its pure art.
About interior design
My work as interior designer is in harmony with the object design. I have assistants for interior projects, so it is possible to combine this work with the other things.

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About art
I want to work with ceramics as an artist, want to create what I like and sell it to somebody who likes it as well rather than to create something ordered. I have a small home workshop where I work with clay.
In 2015 I was very busy with preparations for Bologna Design Week. Now I have more free time. I plan to exhibit my works on Ukrainian websites that demonstrate object design, in showrooms, such as Corner Concept Store, and may be even in some foreign galleries.
About clients
My clients are artistic people: painters, artists, architects and designers. As to locations, I must say that “Prostir 86”, for example, connects designers with production and end customers. But the situation with specialized shops for object design is sad. Most of them have been closed, e.g. “SIA” France classic décor shop is one of them. “Line Deco” shop now exists only online. It seems that our society is not ready for complex design solutions yet.
About trends

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I prefer ethnic motifs and pure art. If we talk about Ukraine in general, I must say that in our country minimalism is popular. And this is good. I hope that more complex solutions will be the next step for people here.
About Bologna Design Week
This exhibition is not just for industrial design but also it is a platform for art objects. Italians enjoyed our Ukrainian stand. As a result they will expand the area for the Ukrainian designers in 2016. As for me, I got new contacts on this exhibition. This is the first exhibition of ceramics for me and it is very important. When I created ceramic objects for the exhibition I was just in the learning stage. Now I would change some things but, anyway, it was good experience. And now I feel that I am ready to have an exhibition for ceramics.
About Ukrainian design
We do not have our clearly distinctive features till now, but we use a lot of wood in design (because it is relatively cheap here), so it is logical that Ecostyle is so popular in Ukraine. I like the works of Yuri Ryntovt, who has been working in ecological style for 20 years already. He makes very high-quality items of wood. Ethnic idea is also a trend now, but it would be good for designers to have limits in terms of using it.

Interviewed by Anna Vishtak


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