Original Interior Design Items with Ukrainian Folk Motifs

Original Interior Design Items with Ukrainian Folk Motifs

The trend for folk-inspired fashion has now hit the interiors’ world and Ukrainian interior design market is not an exception. Folk motifs in interior design lend a cheerful, bohemian element to your home and give a chance to create a special kind of authenticity with bright colors and bold, appealing patterns. Many Ukrainian brands and indie makers are eagerly joining the folk-inspired fashion trends and offer interesting interior design items for homes and offices.

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For stylish and comfortable storage of various things, Ukrainian ethno-brand «Rechi Suly» (which in Ukrainian means «power of things») designed this extraordinary wooden chest (or as local people call it «skrunya»). These types of wooden chests were widely used in Ukrainian households. Craftsmen used to create elaborate designs with various carvings, encrustations and paintings. «Skrunya» has been one of the most beautiful traditional interior design items in Ukranian homes for centuries. These days «Rechi Suly» offers masterfully crafted wooden chests with traditional Ukrainian geometrical patterns, an item that surely can bring a trendy folk-inspired touch to any home.

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Pottery Magic, another Ukrainian brand that skillfully took over the ethnic trends in interior design, offer unique home decor accessories that feature fresh views on classic designs. Their expertly crafted collections offer a wide range of stylish accessories, decor and more, for every room in your home. Each item is adorned with authentic Ukrainian symbols and patterns that bring that special ethnic charm to the interior.
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Ukrainian traditional embroidery patterns have received a lot of attention lately. Many designers try to experiment with them and create some new fresh and unique interpretations. Ladna studio of contemporary embroidery created a whole series of embroidered pillows with original Ukrainian embroidery-inspired patterns. These pillows will bring warmth and coziness to any interior and will add that trendy boho touch to it.

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OSHA Ukrainian brand combined crochet techniques with traditional Ukrainian embroidery to create original puff chairs. These are an exquisite items that will definitely draw attention of many interior design enthusiasts. OSHA’s puffs are made of 100 percent organic materials, are hypoallergenic and very practical in use.

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It’s no secret that items like pillows, cushions, blankets and carpets can bring this special warmth and coziness to any interior. ALIKA Ukrainian brand specializes in creating interior design items that bring that extra coziness to the home. ALIKA offers beautiful hand knitted items that look super stylish and seem to tempt with their softness.
All these Ukrainian brands and indie makers offer an array of interesting interior items with lots of personality. These items will bringing a warm, folk vibe and vibrant look to your home.
Photo source: Facebook pages of the brands mentioned above. 

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