Best Souvenirs 2017 from Ukraine

Best Souvenirs 2017 from Ukraine

We all want to be original and bring home some little keepsakes that would remind us of the memories associated with the visited places once we are back home. «Destinations» handpicked the most interesting and unusual souvenirs to bring back home from Ukraine.

In case you are more into conventional souvenirs but would like to have a bit of artistic touch to them visit Andriyivsky Uzviz (also known as Andriyivsky descent) in Kyiv or Vernisazh Art Market in Lviv. These places offer the biggest variety of traditional Ukrainian souvenirs. Andriyivsky descent is often referred to as the Montmartre of Kyiv.

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Vernisazh market in Lviv is famous for its impressive selection of unique and vintage traditional Ukrainian embroidered blouses and towels. Ladies often buy «gerdan», traditional Ukrainian jewelry created in authentic beading technique popular in Western Ukrainian regions. It is located in the heart of Lviv just a stone throw away from Lviv Opera House. Vernissage Market in Lviv is a one-stop destination for best souvenir shopping in Lviv.
These locations are always full of artists and craftsmen selling pictures, decorations, glass and ceramic objects, as well as modern artsy Ukrainian souvenirs. Bohemian atmosphere reigns here. The numerous artistic salons, galleries, and art cafes around these places reinforce this aura.
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For those who are seriously into traveling, a scratch map of Ukraine could be a genius gift idea. Travel Map, invented and designed by Ukrainian couple, is constantly gaining its popularity not only in Ukraine but in other countries as well. Scratch map is fun way to record your travel adventures. With a Ukraine map poster you can document your own travel journey around the country. It serves as a great conversation starter in your home, office, or wherever you are. Scratch off the regions of Ukraine you’ve visited and embark on your own adventure. You can order Travel Map at the on-line shop or buy it in Knyharnya «Ye» («Ye» Bookshop») in all big cities.

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Homemade liqueurs («nalyvka») and digestifs («nastoyanka») also became a popular idea for gifts to bring back home from Ukraine. These traditional strong drinks are very popular in Western Ukraine but you can also find them in Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine now. They are believed to be stomach-settling miracles after a heavy meal because of the soothing properties of their herbal mixtures. They are touch sweet, intensely flavored, and often are served chilled and sipped slowly. For tourists’ needs «nalyvka»s and «nastoyanka»s are sold in gift bottles and wrappings. Lviv offers the best selection of these types of Ukrainian souvenir. Check out Nalyvka zi Lvova gift shop (8, Ruska street or 24, Staroyevreyska street, Lviv) for great selection of these authentic Lviv liqueurs and digestifs. Or visit mega-popular these days Pyana Vyshnya («Tipsy Cherry») bar (11, Rynok Square) where you can taste all the «nalyvka»s first and buy the bottle of the one you liked the most.


«Osnovy» publishing house has another option for a useful souvenir to bring back home from Ukraine. The series of awesome English language guidebooks ( is something absolutely special - a unique combination of text and visual content. "Awesome Lviv», “Awesome Kyiv», «Awesome Odesa» and "Awesome Ukraine» guidebooks are the perfect present for your foreign friends. Here you can find the most peculiar, less known and off the beaten track places you can visit during your next trip to Ukraine. These guidebooks aim to popularize the most interesting and fascinating aspects of Ukrainian travel experience. You can find them at major bookstores in Kyiv and Lviv as well as order them on-line at the Osnovy Publishing House web page.

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Coloring books are a thing now. «Interesting Kyiv», «Interesting Lviv» (also Kharkiv, Dnipro and Odesa) are unique series of coloring books for adults and children full of incredibly detailed and unique architectural illustrations. These coloring books will bring back all the good memories from visiting Ukrainian cities and the most popular and romantic destinations during your trip.

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Woolkrafts are making wool blankets with funky prints and patterns. Undoubtedly, the company became recognizable after they launched their Kyiv map blankets. The blanket features the graphic map of Kyiv downtown. All the items are made of 100% natural materials. Blankets are soft, cozy and super stylish. Also, check their pumpkin and coaster blanket as well as nautically themed blanket with the code name «Odesa».

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To avoid getting something you can throw away in a few months or something that will prove to be totally useless, «Destinations» rounded up a list of some authentic Ukrainian souvenirs you can bring back home from Ukraine or as a gift for your friends and family.
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