Black Friday 2017 in Ukraine

Black Friday 2017 in Ukraine

On November 24, the favorite event of all shopping enthusiasts will be happening on the whole territory of Ukraine. We are talking about Black Friday 2017 in Ukraine – the day of total sales and crazy discounts. The American tradition of selling goods for the lowest prices on the last Friday of November assimilated into Ukrainian society only several years ago, but gained popularity in the shortest terms. Let`s discover some facts about Black Friday and find out where to find the most attractive

Traditionally, Black Friday comes the next day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA, opening the season of Christmas sales. The convention to start sales at this day goes back to XIX century, but the term “Black Friday” came into use only in 1966. Due to the fact that Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, Black Friday always takes place on some date between November 23 and 30.
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In foreign countries, many people even take a day off on Black Friday to go shopping, while stores and markets work few hours longer. Black Friday differs from common season sales by the discounts rate, which reaches 90%. That is why on this day you may see lines and crowds of people in any big shopping mall. Sometimes the most motivated shoppers even fight with each other for the best goods!
It should be mentioned that on Black Friday retailers offer discounts not for the worst products, but for the newest and most popular items – that`s because on this big sale they can sell more goods during one day than during a regular working month.
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On November 24, numerous Ukrainian shops and markets will attract customers with the most inviting discounts for clothes, shoes, home appliances, cosmetics, accessories and many other goods. The Black Friday sale will last one day, but some shops will elongate discount period also for Saturday and Sunday. Besides, some home appliances and electronics markets will offer sales on “CyberMonday” (November 27).
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Black Friday 2017 in Ukraine will be held in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro and many other cities. Apart from stores and malls, many online-shops will also present Black Friday sales. The list of online-shops with upcoming big discounts includes Allo, Lamoda, Answear, Parfums, Eldorado, Watsons, JYSK, Rozetka, Comfy, METRO, Yves Rocher, Citrus, Modnakasta and many other well-known brand names.
Lots of shops announce discounts up to 90%, but shopaholics should be very careful. Many retailers use special tricks to cheat trustful and excited customers on Black Friday. For example, shop owners may set overprices in advance in order to present inappropriate discounts afterwards. They may also place expensive items right near discounted ones, supposing that people will take everything in a hurry without checking. Sometimes retailers sell items that are already out of production; they also may sell few items at advertised discount price, but then sell all the other ones for their real price. So watch out the prices and do not let markets fool you!
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Here is the list of Kyiv shopping malls, which are going to take part in Black Friday 2017 in Ukraine sale:
Dream Town (1b, Obolonsky avenue)
Sky Mall (2t, Generala Vatutina avenue)
Cosmolopite (6, Vadyma Getmana street)
RaiON (4, Lavrukhina street)
Pyramid (4, Mishugi street)
Commode (4a, Mytropolita Andriya Sheptytskogo street)
New Way (1, Verbytskogo street)
Ocean Plaza (176, Antonovycha street)
We wish you great shopping on Black Friday 2017 in Ukraine!
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