Community Used Clothing Recycling Bank in Kyiv

Community Used Clothing Recycling Bank in Kyiv

The first used clothing recycling bank was opened in Kyiv. Now everyone can donate their used clothing, pieces of furniture, housewares and electronics to help the homeless and those in need.

This is the first place of this kind in the capital of Ukraine. The recycling bank accepts many items from used clothing to furniture and donates it to poor people who are in need for all those things but cannot afford buying them. Homeless and poor can visit the used clothing recycling bank, pick anything from the stuff available on its shelves and take it with them absolutely free.
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The day the used clothing recycling bank in Kyiv opened, it gathered so much stuff the volunteers could hardly sort it within 24 hours and arrange inside the small space accommodating the place. Volunteers say that they were genuinely surprised as the number of donors is much bigger than the number of poor and homeless people who come to pick up things for themselves. Many people are too shy or ashamed to take things for free - think the volunteers of the recycling bank. However, visitors of the recycling bank include not only homeless people, but also hipster students looking for fashionable vintage pieces, senior people who cannot always afford pricy winter clothes and are in need of those as Kyiv is experiencing super harsh winter.


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Those who want to donate their stuff have to check the working hours of the Kyiv used clothing recycling bank on their Facebook Page, as it operates only on certain days. The used clothing recycling bank is located at «Dorogozhychi» subway station, 9, Maksym Berlinsky street, Kyiv.

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