Couture de Fleur Presentation at 2016-2017 Ukrainian Fashion Week

Couture de Fleur Presentation at 2016-2017 Ukrainian Fashion Week

Couture de Fleur brand presentation took place within the special artistic program of the 2016-2017 Ukrainian Fashion Week and grabbed attention of curious creative and fashion crowd.

Couture de Fleur stand, which appeared at Mystetskyi Arsenal on March 19, immediately became a magnet for ladies because of its bright floral prints, spring mood and comfort. Striking five-meter silk decorations with 3D effect, reviving ‘live’ paintings, served as a backdrop for photos while the paintings by Olena Onufriv were an additional attire to the stand.
Couture de Fleur is the result of cooperation of floral artist Olena Onufriv and well-known publisher Inna Katiushchenko, who stood as the ideological mastermind and creative director of the brand. Olena Onufriv belongs to the young generation of Lviv artists, her paintings are well known in Ukraine and Europe. The main motifs of Olena’s works are flowers.

Photo: Olena Onufriv and Inna Katiushchenko
The continuation of the artist’s creative way was Inna Katiushchenko’s proposal to transfer the beauty and power of the paintings to the fabric in the form of prints. Thus, soft lavender, bright summer floral landscapes, elegant shades and undertones found its personification in silk, wool, cotton and other natural fabrics, used for decor products, gifts and accessories.

Collaboration with young Ukrainian designers was the next step in the development and growth of the brand. Its creators, Olena Onufriv and Inna Katiushchenko, along with Zlata Ognevich, who became the face of the brand, presented the collection of clothes within the 38th UFW. The collection is predominantly based on feminine silhouettes, flowing natural fabrics and an irresistible desire to cover oneself with tender flower motifs. The trending items of the collection – gown-dresses, overalls and other garments - will become an aspiration subject for women who are not afraid of bright impressions and deep emotions.

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Photo: Inna Katiushchenko, Zlata Ognevich and Olena Onufriv

Photo: Kateryna Osadcha and Zlata Ognevich
The celebrity guests and Ukrainian Fashion Week stylish visitors appreciated products presented by Couture de Fleur brand. However, the organizers do not stop at this point: the grand opening of Couture de Fleur boutique in Kiev will be held in the end of March.
Bring the spring vibe into your everyday life and bright up your mood with charming items and beautiful clothes from Couture de Fleur!

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