Dvoira - Exclusive Headscarves Brand

Dvoira - Exclusive Headscarves Brand

Headscarves have long been an accessory worn by monarches and movie stars — Grace Kelly wore it on the screen and in real life, once even to support the cast of her broken hand. Luxury brands and fast fashion continue the competition of making the best design, and throw in the new ideas. What about wearing the city? Possible, with Dvoira headscarves and her unique project of depicting Kyiv buildings on cloth.

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Dvoira has a history, curiously inspired by...Iceland. Almost a year-old brand was founded by Kyiv photographer Dvoira, hence the name. One of the themes the local artist pictures through her lens is Kyiv architecture, particularly its details, colors and shapes. Once while editing photos, she made a kaleidoscope from the old building's patterns and posted the image on Facebook. Similar styled edits grew in popularity, and an acquaintance from Iceland suggested Dvoira makes headscarves with Kyiv patterns. That's how the brand was born.
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Born and raised in Kyiv, Dvoira cherishes its architecture and often spends hours reading on the history of this or another building which became an inspiration for her works. Naturally, the fate of long-abandoned buildings, many of them a cultural heritage that dates back to the 18th or 19th centuries worries her, too — Dvoira brand isn't only a successful startup, but an attempt to draw the attention of the public eye to the vanishing beauty of Kyiv. Nowadays the brand produces several types of merchandize: scarves with prints, postcards (with the short history of the building depicted), T-shirts, raincoats and even fur coats with a printed lining. Headscarves are made from different materials; viscose is the cheaper option, while natural silk is the most expensive one.
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In 2018, Dvoira started a photo project with the same values — show the beauty of Kyiv's architecture through the photographer's lens. Visitors will be able to explore the most notable parts of 'House with cats', 'House with Mascarons', house of Anna Akhmatova and mansion which belonged to painter Orlovsky. The exhibition is hosted at UA:HUB Media Center at 42, Melkynova street. The entrance is free, but visitors need to present an ID.
Photo source: Dvoira Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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