New FW 18/19 Zombie Collection from Sayya

New FW 18/19 Zombie Collection from Sayya

The new collection by Luba Makarenko for a Ukrainian fashion brand Sayya was inspired by aesthetics of the 80s and 90s — the time when the whole world had been busy discovering various subcultures. Exquisite faded silhouettes, bright colors and flowing fabrics reflect the emotions and mood of that time.

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In her FW 18/19 collection the designer and the brand’s founder Luba Makarenko wanted to display the 80s and 90s as the time of experiments with shapes and colors. The collection features pantsuits and jackets with extended shoulders, eco-leather coats, banana trousers and dresses in the unique style of Sayya by Luba Makarenko.
oneShoes and accessories like bright patent leather boots, suede shoes with square noses, cowboy boots, silk handkerchiefs and belts with handmade embroidery are bright accents of the FW 18/19 Zombie collection. Prints and slogans "loose yourself", "do dance" printed on saturated shades of lavender and fuchsia, burgundy, orange and blue electrician carry the main message behind the collection.
Photos provided by Sayya

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