Owlsome: Casual Sophisticated Ukrainian Fashion

Owlsome: Casual Sophisticated Ukrainian Fashion

Photo: Owlsome Official Facebook pageBorn in Kiev, Owlsome is a young Ukrainian clothing brand focused on minimalism, details and natural fabrics. It stands for simple design and detailed-driven attitude for every stitch and accessory element, which makes clothes from Owlsome comfortable and casual, but sophisticated at the same time.

Owlsome is the brand that produces ‘real’ clothes for real women, as the founders claim. They are very fond of the word ‘real’ and strive for everything that they do to be described with this word. Owlsome is the clothes as they should be: good quality, comfortable and refined. Clothing that are convenient to wear every day and that make ladies look awesome every day.

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Photo: Owlsome Official Facebook page
With Scandinavian approach to design, the main bets of Owlsome are made on minimalism, clean simple lines and wearability. All colors and styles are carefully thought out and make a perfect combination with each other. Owlsome is a real European brand, made in Ukraine.

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Photo: Owlsome Official Facebook page
Simple and casual style of Owlsome does not change your image, it only highlights it in the best way possible. Owlsome offers you comfort – the comfort of being oneself.

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Photo: Owlsome Official Facebook page
The collections can be found on Owlsome’s website (www.owlsome.com.ua) and can be also tried on at the showroom. But hurry up, such casual and sophisticated clothes are quite popular among Ukrainian ladies today, also due to fair prices!
Address: 15-A Mala Zhytomyrska str., Kiev


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