Rolex: history of the brand

Rolex: history of the brand

Rolex SA is one of the most popular companies in the world and this Swiss brand is associated with luxury and wealthy lifestyle. It is interesting that the man who founded it was not a hereditary watchmaker. He was not even originally from Switzerland.

Hans Wilsdorf was a Bavarian. He started to earn a living as an employee of a large company engaged in export of pearls. Once he decided to join the company of his school friend that dealt with export of Swiss watches.
Later on Hans Wilsdorf left the company and established his own one. The newly born company also worked in the field of watches export.

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It was based in London and was called Wilsdorf & Devis (W & D) - the second part of the company name belonged to Wilsdorf’s stepbrother. The main activity was the delivery of pocket watches on the shores of Foggy Albion.
Nevertheless, Wilsdorf believed in the wrist watches and wanted to arrange their production. And the first W&D wrist watch appeared in 1905.

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Surprisingly, this model became the favorite one of conservative British consumers.
In 1908 Wilsdorf decided to rename the company and to give it a simple but at the same time spectacular and memorable name that could be pronounced in the same way in any language. So there was Rolex. The exact etymology of the word is still unknown.

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The main characteristics of Rolex watch was quality, preciseness and exclusivity. From the earliest days Rolex was not a product for everyone but for VIP people only. Since that the company succeeded in other things: it offered the world the first chronometer watch, the first waterproof wrist watch, watch with automatic change of date on the dial and some others.

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In 1919 Wilsdorf decided to move to Switzerland, Geneva. It happened due to high duties on precious metals import in the UK introduced during the World War II. At the same time the company name was changed to Rolex Watch Company. It will be changed two more times later on.

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Brand Rolex is one of the top-100 the most expensive brands in the world. It is the only company related to the world of luxury that produces up to 2000 items daily. It owns such well-known watch brands as Cellini and Tudor. Rolex popularity is so high that the number of fakes exceeds all imaginable limits.

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For this reason it is very important to buy Rolex watches in the specialized stores and at official dealers of the company. SWISSCO ROYAL TIME is Rolex official dealer in Kyiv. The company offers the latest models as well as the service. The office is located at 6A, ZANKOVETSKOY STR., +380 44-461 90 15.


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