Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

The late coming of spring to Ukraine allowed us to enjoy winter trends like oversized 'duvet' coats longer that we probably wished to. As the sun shyly goes out, it's high time to check the wardrobe for the latest trends in spring. Some of them will certainly make a bold statement — just like they did in 80s. Destinations picked 5 fashion trends for spring 2018 you can easily find in various stores, vintage shops, and most importantly — in your wardrobe.

Probably the hottest trend that won't fade away since late 2017, 80s are alive and well on catwalks as well as mass-market shops. What once seemed excessive and simply kitch is now in: bold golden accessories, leopard faux fur coat, oversized shoulder pads are no longer a sign of poor style. Haute couture brands like Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy re-introduce fanny packs, which you can strap on waist or diagonally. The inspiration for 80s look drives not only from modern media like Stranger Things, but from 80s classics like Heathers and Scarface — spring 2018 is high time to rewatch those.
This trend is somewhat a logical continuation of 80s with modern variations. While fast fashion shops like Zara and Topshop offer a variety of so called 'mom jeans', which are essentially high-waited jeans of thick material and often light dye, high fashion stands for dark denim, ornament embroidery and flared cut. Besides, denim-on-denim looks are popular again, brought in Ukrainian fashion by Ksenia Schnaider.
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Bold colors
Truly a sign of spring coming, bold colors hijacked catwalks and stores in all forms and shapes: anything from a single-color full look like vibrant reds at Stella McCartney to bright red-and-white florals at Marc Jacobs. For those who aren't sure which color to pick, fashion designers introduced one more trend: rainbow. Seen at Dolce&Gabanna, it undoubtedly will fill mass-market this spring.
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Fringe may seem like a trend that is quite hard to wear in the city. Luckily it can be embodied not only in vibrant flying dresses like at Calvin Klein, but also in American-style fringe jackets, thin 'tail' on purses and, of course, earrings. The boldest statement is to combine it with another rising trend — feathers. For instance, TopShop allows doing that in a pastel pink dress.
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90s 'skinny' glasses
Brought into the fashion world by Hadid sisters, these small and oblong glasses are a new rival to aviators. Due to being often worn in 90s, glasses of such shape can be found in own wardrobe after a bit of digging, as well as vintage shops. One more advantage to this trend: skinny glasses fit any facial shape, and modern fashion allows incorporating them in any look, from smart-business to sportswear.
Photo sources: fashionista.com, glowsly.com, thetrendspotter.com, elleuk.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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