Sweet Gifts from Ukrainian Brands

Sweet Gifts from Ukrainian Brands

An ordinary box of sweets might seem so last season after checking out what these Ukrainians brands have in stock. «Destinations» rounds up a list of the cutest and sweetest treats that would make a perfect gift for your friends and family.


Agrus offers handmade vegan and vegetarian sweets and snacks. They make sensational vegan chocolate and protein bars, cookies and cakes perfect for quick healthy bites. You can purchase their products at Horowitz grocery shop (4, Krakivska street, Lviv) or place an on-line order on their Facebook page.
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Healthy Tradition

Healthy Tradition is a brand which makes gluten free, hypo allergic and ecological products. These are perfect snacks for sportsmen, people with allergies and all the healthy eating fans. Healthy Tradition offers soft cookies with carrot, coconut pulp, fig any many other flavors, energy and protein bards, healthy breads. All these products can be ordered over the phone 360 40 02.


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This brand has a fun and artistic take on honey. Natural high-quality honey is packed into cute cards with funny hipster labels. You’ll love the animals depicted on the jars as well as interesting and unusual flavor combinations. «Med-Shmed» offers vanilla, mojito, cinnamon and ginger flavored honeys.


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This artisan brand offers handmade jams and candied fruits. All products are cooked by old family recipes and packed in beautiful vintage looking jars. «Tsukaty» (which means candied fruits in Ukrainian that used to be popular dessert in Ukraine before mass-market confectioneries took over the market) offer «chocolate plum», «spiced pear», tangerine and many other kinds of jams. All jams can be purchased in tsukat.kiev.ua on-line store.

Gudz Lemon

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These are artisan citrus jams prepared without any artificial flavors and preservatives. You can strengthen up your immune system with English lemon jam with vanilla, English lemon jam with cinnamon, spiced lemon jam with chili pepper, Portuguese lemon cinnamon jam. Jams can be ordered at Gudz Lemon Facebook page facebook.com/GudzLemon/ or by phone (063) 397 43 65.


These jams have bright flavors: mango & pear jam with fragrant pepper, grapefruit-apple marmalade with rosemary, strawberry-lemon marmalade and many other unusual options. You can buy a set of different jams all packet in beautiful mini-bars. Orders can be placed at Jamit Facebook page facebook.com/wejamit/.
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Gentle macarons, sweet zephyr and light-as-air marshmallows, all these desserts are offered by popular local brand MarshmallowUA. All their products are packed in cute gift boxed and can be shipped all over Ukraine. MarshmallowUa uses only natural and highest quality ingredients for their desserts, so they can easily be enjoyed by children.


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13Beans is a local craft brand that makes highest quality chocolate from cocoa beans from around the world (Venezuela, Ecuador, Dominican Republic) and brown sugar adding bright accents in the form of dried berries (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry), nuts, raisins and marshmallow. These chocolate bars are very popular among children; adults opt for something more interesting like dark chocolate bars with sea salt, red hot Chili pepper. You can place an order at 13beans.com.ua .

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