The ONE Backpack: Ukrainian Innovation

The ONE Backpack: Ukrainian Innovation

On May 2017 The ONE Brand announced the backpack with the innovative product design and functionality. It was presented on the 20th of May at Kickstarter as a result of 2 years’ developing of this unique product. The main item, that differs The ONE backpack from others – is that it consists of two parts: the leather backpack & customizable outer Shell.

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Based in New York, The ONE Brand was founded by two Ukrainian architects Ivan Zhurba and Vergezova Mariya in 2015. The company's goal is to spread the idea of customizable design by creating products which are personalized by customers. Literary, to bring 'custom' back to 'customer'. The founder, Ivan Zhurba, is an industrial designer. Known for his projects - Crystal Vase, iPhone Lamp and UniqueOne 3D Printer, Ivan has passion for fractal forms. He studied architecture and design in Ukraine.
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The co-founder, Mariya Vergezova, is an architect. Currently, she works as an interior/product designer. She studied architecture & marketing in Ukraine. She is also a founder and a Chief architect at MAD architectural group.
Creators provide people an opportunity to express themselves in their own special and creative way according to everyday changing style, mood and preferences. The ONE Backpack can totally change its appearance just by a few simple steps: choose what Shell best suits todays image and easily attach it by using two metal zips on both sides of the backpack. Perfectly functional in everyday life the ONE Backpack adds a touch of luxury for any outfit.
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Аt the present moment, The ONE Backpack is represented at the Museum of Bag at Amsterdam "Tassenmuseum Hendrikje", that is awarded the title «One of the 10 Best Fashion Museums in the World».
The product was created and designed by two architects and implicates to bring «the piece of art» in daily life. The front side of Leather Backpack has geometric polygonal form, so it is possible to wear it even solo. The back side is stitched with diamond shape and has straps with adjustable length.
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«I have chosen design to become my profession because of its power to inspire and change the world around us», says the founder, Ivan Zhurba. «For a couple of years I was working on creation of the project, that could give each person the ability to customize his look indefinitely. At the same time, the passion for clear lines and geometric shapes has led me to create a unique futuristic Shell shape. That's how the ONE Backpack came to live. The main point is that with ONE backpack you are getting access to the numerous Shells designs. Moreover, we collaborate with famous designers around the world, who will create new Shells for the ONE backpack. That's how you can wear a real «Art Object» on your back. We see the future in this, because each person is unique, sees the world differently, and has to be able to express oneself. And the most beautiful way of expression is the unique design».
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«It was a long road between a beautiful idea of customization and a real product that works! Anyway, we purposed to construct a backpack that would be usable and will have functional excellence. We spend a year prototyping the backpack model, testing different materials, choosing the right connection method for the Shell. There even were broken up to 40 Shells to make sure that the chosen material is resistible and durable enough. We are proud to say that each Backpack is handcrafted in Ukraine under our control. To me, the highest quality and attention to details - are the unalienable features for any production process», says co-founder Vergezova Mariya, chief architect, founder of architectural firm «MAD group» in Kyiv, Ukraine.
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The ONE Backpack is fully handcrafted with the finest Italian black leather. Inside there is a safety laptop and iPhone pockets. It is provided by the anti-theft system, which is implemented in special projecting: the main zipper of backpack is located on inner side that adjoins to back. The ONE Backpack has two metal zips on both sides for easy attachment of its Shell. The ONE Shell is made of high quality black glossy polystyrene which perfectly reflects its futuristic fashionable polygonal form. The Shell is also water resistant and keeps the stuff in safety in any kind of activity.
The ONE Brand aspires to share with people an opportunity to express themselves and emphasize their own style and personality, make everyday look totally perfect and harmonious. The ONE creators have implemented this conception within the ONE Backpack project at Kickstarter and invite to become its part. The ONE Backpack is available for pre-order for the early bird price of $110.


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