The Voyage Story with a Tender Essence

The Voyage Story with a Tender Essence

There is a very special place for those who really appreciate luxury perfumes and cosmetics, located in the center of Kyiv on Pushkinskaya street. It is Kamana boutique.

Cozy interior and really experienced consultants can help to make a trip into another word – world of perfumes and beauty. Every brand, presented here, has his own story, and anyone can become a part of it. Kamana boutique follows the last tendencies in the world of flavors, visiting international exhibitions and making interviews with world famous perfumers. If you have doubts which kind of essence fits you, start with the story of every perfume, cause it can help you to understand the flavor which can be the part of your every day life, reflecting your mood, your life attitude and become your visiting card.

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For me the visit to Kamana boutique became an interesting voyage to a new world of perfumes, which have their own personality and history. First stop was in misty England, where real gentlemen still follow the tradition of 5 o’clock tea.

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Truefitt & Hill

The history of the famous brand started more than 200 years ago.


Founded in 1805 according to his Royal Highness, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, Truefitt & Hill is a privileged brand of the Royal Family. Truefitt & Hill Company had the honour to serve for all the Monarchs of Great Britain during nine periods of governing and became the holder of numerous Royal orders. Modern contents and classical forms are the main properties of Truefitt & Hill. Any contemporary gentleman can be very attractive with this perfume.
But it is time to move on and to go to sunny Spain with hot machos.
Ramon Monegal
It is a real pearl of Kamana collection.


Brand's founder is a Spanish designer Ramon Monegal coming from the ancient family of perfumers in the fourth generation. The Monegals have founded Myrurgia perfume house, which has been an official supplier of the Royal Family and of the most important international representatives. “All the attention is drawn to the fragrance. No tinsel!” - this is the idea of Ramon Monegal.
The bottles look like inkpots, and it is very symbolic. Every perfume is like the beginning of your story, which you can write by yourself. It is a chance for a new start. And it was very logical that such talented sophist and perfumer created special fragrance dedicated to Ukraine, its reborn as a free country. The new one – this is the name of this really awesome and impressive flavor, which reflects all shades of the Ukraine’s nature and Ukrainian personality.
Close to hot Spain there is located beautiful Italy with the sea breath and sunshine.
Panama 1924
The brand appeared in 1924 and was found by Antonio Boellis who opened his own small saloon in Naples.

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Son of an Italian barber — Peppino Boellis — continued his father’s business. To abandon the use of brilliantine – this was his idea. «You can immediately recognize hair trimmed at Boellis, because it looks natural even after the client has washed it with shampoo.» Recently this brand presented new unisex line of perfumes.
Another stop of this trip will be on Sicilia.
Pozzo di Borgo
Valentine Pozzo di Borgo was born in a famous Italian family and since her childhood she has been inspired with the stories of her famous relatives.


As a result – later she created a collection of flavors, dedicated to her genealogical tree. Each fragrance inspired by the character of one of her family members, bearing the name of their date of birth.
Well, if we are talking about perfumes it is impossible not to visit France and its beautiful gardens.
Jardins d`Ecrivains
The perfume house Jardins d`Ecrivains has launched its first fragrance in 2012.


Gardens of Writers (English translation) is a French brand of exclusive cosmetics that made Victor Hugo’s phrase “Smells provoke thoughts” its moto, and took a philosophic approach to perfumery. The brand produces perfumes and aroma candles, and the scent of each one is associated with a name of one of the most prominent world writers.
Jardins d`Ecrivains scents are stunning and unusual. Another French brand, which attracts attention, is Heeley.
Young interior designer James Heeley was inspired by nature and art to create his first perfume collection, which became popular thanks to combination of French perfume art traditions and usage of rare natural and noble components.


Most of the flavors are suitable for women as well as for men.
After this unforgettable voyage it is time to come back home – to Kiev, to Kamana boutique.
Here it is possible to choose not only special perfume or essence for interior, but also to purchase some luxury cosmetics.
Vetia Floris is the first line of the luxury organic cosmetics in world, was designed by the Swiss laboratory Skin Concept AG. The range of the brand includes 11 products, which combine the best vegetative extracts, gorgeous silky textures, delectable flavors, as the products of premium class.

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Alpeor is another Swiss brand of cosmetics, presented in Kamana. Alpeor means Or des Alpes – Gold of the Alps. This brand was created in 1950. It specializes in creating products that help fight the effects of skin aging. It offers various skin care products that treat expression lines and deep wrinkles, tone skin up, even out its color, relieve dehydration and prevent aging. The secret lies in remarkable Alpine herbs that are used to regenerate skin and return its youth. One more brand of cosmetics came to Kamana boutique from Switzerland – this is Swisscode.
It is a brand of the Swiss laboratory Skin Concept AG; it consists of two lines: Swisscode Pure and Swisscode Bionic. It presents different serums for face (hydrating, nutrient, for skin gloss, with anti-age effect, for a sensitive type of skin). The ingredients include biologically active matters of high concentration, and the products themselves have pleasant light textures.
In Kamana there are also some products for hair styling, cosmetics for future mothers and kids.

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If you want to have rest and spa relax and to take care about your body, you can go to the beauty cabinet located here in Kamana boutique, where professional cosmetologists will take care of any guest to help him or her to feel renewed after a hard day or such a long trip like mine. There are a lot of reasons to come back to Kamana again.
Address: 28/9, Pushkinskaya street, Kyiv

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