Top 9 Ukrainian Eco Brands

Top 9 Ukrainian Eco Brands

These days eco-friendliness and zero waste policy are becoming more and more urgent in Ukraine — Verkhovna Rada recommends Kyiv stores and supermarkets to avoid using plastic while locals establish recycling stations. Sure enough, the trend hasn’t omitted local manufacturers from fashion to décor brands.

Clothes & Bags
Avoska Bags
The hot summer trend of 2018 has promptly gained popularity in Ukraine. Many local fashionistas have scavenged closets of their parents to find the open string bag wide-spread in the USSR. A cultural element of past, Avoskas are brought back once more to replace plastic bags. Due to its structure, this reusable bag can hold up to 20 kilograms of products. Many Ukrainian manufacturers have caught up with international fashion and presented their contribution to zero waste culture. To name but a few, companies like UA Edition and W8Less have models of different colors made from cotton available for UAH 185-250.
Where to buy: UA Edition Facebook page, W8Less website
UliUlia is a fashion brand founded by a young Ukrainian designer who advocates for ecological consciousness. All clothes and bags are made of natural secondhand materials: leather, wool, denim, suede and linen. Each item has an intricate pattern and lining, as well as a unique label. UliUlia pays great attention to details that's why customers can be sure their bag is not only eco-friendly but also one of a kind. Among the latest items by the brand are fanny packs, parkas, dresses and skirts made of upcycled denim.
Where to buy: Uliulia website and Facebook page
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Founded in 2014, Zerno brand aims at restoring Ukrainian folklore motifs and traditional garment on a modern ecological basis. All items are handmade from natural materials like hemp, cotton, silk and wool. Often manufacturers use centuries-old technologies passed down by generations to preserve the authentic look and quality. Zerno creates long-lasting clothes as opposed to the strong tendency of fast fashion that reigns nowadays.
Where to buy: Zerno store, website
Makeup & Cosmetics
One of the prime brands of Ukrainian cosmetics, Vigor has a serious approach to choosing materials for their products. Based on natural biologically active elements, Vigor's products also contain essential oils and extracts of herbs supplied from 85 countries of the world. Plants used for production are grown under strict control on special plantations in ecological zones. All items by Vigor have a unique feature - they are stored in the fridge to preserve prime qualities. Currently, the product range grasps facial, body and skincare for all types and ages.
Where to buy: Vigor store, website
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The four-year-old brand creates natural products for body, hair and face. Cosmetics by PeNa are made on the basis of natural components like plant extracts and essential oils without any harmful additives. Moreover, all products undergo laboratory tests to ensure the best results. Customers will find various scrubs, balms, creams, facial masks, bath bombs and even mini-versions of products to test before purchasing the large bottle. Gift sets are available as well.
Where to buy: PeNa website
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White Mandarin
One of the most popular brands of eco-cosmetics White Mandarin was founded in 2012. All raw materials used by the company have received ECOCERT certificate, which guarantees the prime quality of products. Currently White Mandarin has 5 products lines with different bases from honey and lake mud to sprouted grains and Carpathian herbs. Each of them provides effective skin and hair treatment.
Where to buy: White Mandarin store, website
Home Goods & Decor
In 2018 Ukrainian Effa has entered the top 5 of world eco brands in the Clima startup contest held in Germany. Chosen among 300 contestants, disposable toothbrush brand Effa has conquered the jury because of its minimalistic design, affordable price and, of course, all-natural basis. The brush is made of recycled paper and other eco materials, which revolutionizes the wasteful production of disposable plastic brushes often used by airlines and hotels.
Where to buy: Effa plans to enter the European market, including collaboration with IKEA
Pottery and Painting
pottery painting
Ukrainian pottery has been an important element of home decor for many centuries and even nowadays the trend still stays strong. Moreover, contemporary artists often keep to ecological manufacturing. Pottery & Painting is one of them - all items from vases to tableware are made from green materials, safe for children and adults. Rich earthy colors and custom design are special features Pottery & Painting known among its customers.
Where to buy: Pottery & Painting Facebook page,
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Talisman Fusing Factory
What was once a small eco startup became a respectable brand widely used by Ukrainian fine dining restaurants like Il Molino. The 2015-founded Talisman brand uses the technology of upcycling - giving a new life to old products. In this case, glass bottles of various colors and size are made into convenient and stylish dishes, lamps and pots for a small garden. One of the most popular items is an ice cream dish with three dips for a perfect scoop.
Where to buy: Talisman Facebook page and website
Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above,, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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