Trendy Quilted Coats from Ukrainian Brands

Trendy Quilted Coats from Ukrainian Brands

Late fall and winter can be a challenging period in Ukraine fashion-wise with sub-zero temperatures and pouring rains.  But cold-weather outfits that are both stylish and practical do exist - proved by quite a number of Ukrainian fashion brands and their collections of winter outerwear.  «Destinations» gathered together best puffers by up-and-coming Ukrainian designers and brands to get you inspired for the season ahead.

Most extreme fashion trends never make the leap from the runways to the subway platform. But here’s one that sits at the happy place between practical and cool: massive bubble quilt puffer coats. Wearing these coats is the closest you'll get to wearing your favorite bubble quilt out of the house.
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Photo (also the cover photo to this article): extravagant puffer jackets by Ukrainain brand GUDU

There may not be an arctic chill in the air just yet but it’s well on its way and for many of us late fall is as good a time as any to start searching for the ultimate winter coat. When it comes to choosing ‘the one’, function often subsides in favour of style as we convince ourselves that a classic trench will suffice, but thanks to a recent spate of designer fixation with off-duty cool, winter’s must-have coat could mean we get the very best of both worlds.  

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Photo: bubble quilt coat by VOZIANOV

Looking for a super-comfy coat that will answer all your winter woes? Then you’ll be glad to hear that the puffer has made a surprisingly chic comeback. Designers are finally starting to get to grips with our casual lifestyles that demand inherently functional fashion. Fall/Winter 2017 runways elevated the puffer from faux pas to fashion forward.  Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Marques Almeida and many other designers proved that the puffer could really be the It coat next winter.

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Katsurina Blanket



Luckily, the Ukrainian designers and brands are fully on board with a host of styles, sizes and colors available. If you’re not afraid of a little extra volume go full laength for added dimension but if you’re petite, or want to maintain some feminine appeal opt for a standard or cropped length that’s cinched at the waist for a sleeker silhouette.
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