Ukrainian Chunky Knits by Anna Mo

Ukrainian Chunky Knits by Anna Mo

Photo: You may have seen those extremely chunky knits by Ukrainian artist Anna Mo in leading interior design and fashion editorials as well as on endless Instagram and Facebook newsfeed. Anna Mo’s blankets and pillow cases look like they have been knitted by giants.

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Ukraine-based artist Anna Mo knits super chunky blankets with giant, three-inch stitches. This is the ultimate security blanket you can get lost in. She uses custom-made, two-inch-thick needles for her knits, which look rather impressive.
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Mo began knitting to escape from every day routine and rather stressing designer job. No surprise then, that her work emphasizes its hand-made nature. The yarn wriggles with every huge loop, rather simple patterns are magnified, and each piece has a unique flair. This blanket will be your true friend for long winter evenings.
The yarn is 100% Australian Merino wool, meaning that it is soft, warm, light, and perfect for wearing against bare skin. Winter is just around the corner, but if you’re under one of these super chunky knits, it will be no threat at all.

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Anna Mo sells her knits, yarn, and giant needles at her on-line Etsy shop Ohhio. All the items are super popular so pre-order is a standard thing if you want to buy Mo’s creations.

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