Ukrainian Sustainable Fashion Brands

Ukrainian Sustainable Fashion Brands

The early 2010s anti-fur companies in the world of haute couture paved a way for the new strong movement. Nowadays, sustainable fashion is promptly gaining popularity across the globe. The basis of the movement lays on three principles: buying quality items that will last longer opposed to fast fashion trends, wearing vintage and shopping from small producers to support the rights of fabric workers. Ukraine has also joined the fight to save the planet and has plenty of upcycling brands, which use secondhand materials to create new unique items.

Ksenia Schnaider

Created by a young couple Ksenia and Anton, Ksenia Schnaider brand is known well in Ukraine and far beyond its borders. Apart from the bold patterns and Cyrillic patches, the brand's collections are easily recognized because of the abundance of denim. Ksenia has experimented with denim items from skirts to bermudas and finally, the long process of upcycling has brought its fruit - Demi Denims. The intricate construction resembles two pairs of jeans cut and sewed on but it's much more than that. The pair has become a call for the young designers and eco-enthusiasts to experiment with their own clothes.
Where to buy: Ksenia Schnaider website
styd sram
One more brand that included upcycling in their fashion strategy, Styd&Sram started as a rookie team of designers and now proudly present their items in a showroom in Kyiv downtown. The brand specializes in comfortable and stylish bags that fit every need of the owner: here you will find broad backpacks with a laptop compartment, trendy packs and much more. Styd&Sram uses leather and nubuck, which serve for a long time and make it possible to use one bag for more than 3 years due to the high-quality materials. Besides, the brand takes orders for upcycling the customer's bags to tailor a new item of individual design.
Where to buy: Mono Store showroom and Facebook page
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The young Ukrainian designer calls for raising ecological consciousness: using secondhand materials for creating new clothes is not just the latest trend but a good way to cut the air pollution by 80%. At Uliulia all clothes and bags are made of secondhand leather, wool, denim, suede and linen. Each item has an intricate pattern and lining, as well as a label. Details are paid great attention to, that's why customers can be sure their bag is not only helping nature but is unique as well. Today Uliulia offers various kinds of bags, parkas, dresses and skirts made of upcycled denim.
Where to buy: Uliulia website and Facebook page
A sustainable brand that was made for lovers of monochrome, COOM produces only black and white T-shirts. The way they are made - from fabric source to working conditions of sewers - is thoroughly checked. In a world where many factory workers suffer from poverty and lack of rights, COOM chooses to check up and support their workers. T-shirts are brought in different models, for instance, an open back, and made of 100% natural materials like linen or mercerized cotton.
Where to buy: COOM English-language website, ХРОМ store
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“You can start an eco way of life from anything” states one of the posts on Rehash Facebook page. Indeed, if clothes have such a great value in our lives and their production harms the Earth's air and water resources, why not support sustainable fashion? Rehash brand started with exact same thoughts and intentions led by two Ukrainians. The clothes are made mostly of natural fabrics or raw materials with minimal additions of synthetic fibers. Using secondhand materials means that collections often come out as one of a kind.
Where to buy: Rehash Facebook page
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Golub UDP
Much like Ksenia Schnaider, Yana Golub, owner of the GolubГолуб Upcycled Denim Project, was inspired by the idea of giving new life to the old clothes. The unique custom collections prove that upcycling can be stylish and high-quality - after all, denim used for the new items comes from Wrangler and Levi's. The handmade clothes are riddled with the details like zippers and chains that promptly come back on catwalks.
Where to buy: Rehab store in TSUM Department Store
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Church of Upcycling
A famous Ukrainian designer Yasia Khomenko founded a brand with a speaking title, Church of Upcycling, way back in 2011. Back then ideas of eco-friendliness were only beginning to gain popularity in the country but the brand stood proudly and found customers among many celebrities like Jamala and Katro Zauber. The collections by Church of Upcycling are ready-to-wear non-nonsense clothes with cheeky prints and patches. Shirts of various materials and models from office cut to blouses can be incorporated in any look.
Where to buy: Church of Upcycling Facebook page, RCR Khomenko website
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Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above,, All images belong to their rightful authors.


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