Weird Bird lingerie: very individual approach

Weird Bird lingerie: very individual approach

Weird Bird, young Ukrainian lingerie brand, stands out for its high quality products as well as service. It was created in 2013 by two young ladies from Lugansk city. Daria Sushchenko and Ekaterina Lagutina met in the University where Ekaterina was teaching and Daria was her student.

Ladies had common interests, attitude to life and great desire to make some special Ukrainian brand. It was the start of Weird Bird. After Maidan 2013 and the start of the war on the East of the country ladies had to move somewhere. Daria now lives in Odessa and Ekaterina has settled in Kyiv. In spite of the distance they collaborate successfully in frames of Weird Bird project. We’ve met with Ekaterina in small Italian restaurant and she described the real idea about women lingerie.

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Ekaterina: We want to represent real beauty without any tricks. We always try to be honest with ourselves and for the same reason we do not go on about women’s insecurities and, as such, we do not create models of bra with push ups. All lingerie sets are handmade of a high quality French lace of exceptional colors and weaving. That is why every set is very authentic and individual, like our clients.
How do you think, what are the main fears and insecurities of Ukrainian women today?

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Ekaterina: I think that in our society there is a stereotype that woman has to be extremely “beautiful”. Sometimes it looks artificial and even vulgar. Ladies try to look great for their men but not for themselves. Our women don’t love themselves enough and they are fond of push up bra. But to tell you the truth, real men like real women and they always notice if there is something artificial in our style.
It is scientifically proved that push up is not the right lingerie for everyday use, but for some special moments. Of course, big breast needs special support and we create some models of underwear for this purpose. But the woman of A, B and even C size will feel very comfortable with our standard models of lingerie.

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What is the difference between our women and European ladies in terms of their attitude to beauty?
Ekaterina: Well, yes, we do differ. Our women are really beautiful, unique, but at the same time they underestimate themselves. They try to hide their peculiarities instead of highlighting them. We have the aim to change it. Look at any French woman: she can go out to the street without any make up but at the same time she probably has a couple of lovers and she is always self-assured and naturally attractive. She knows her pros and she knows how to turn her peculiarities into bonuses. This is the idea of Weird Bird – to be weird, to be unique and to be happy and loved. Believe me, men appreciate it a lot. We make some inquiries and ask men to describe their expectations about women in underwear. So very often their answers inspire us to create our collections.

What are the main difficulties for your brand development now?
Ekaterina: In spite of the increasing demand for Ukrainian products I have to say that it is not easy to implement a creative idea. Manufacturing is a big problem as well as high quality raw products. We get our fabric from France but produce the lingerie in Kyiv. It is more expensive than to manufacture it in China, for example. But we really care about quality. I hope in the nearest future the situation will change. 

Tell us please about your client service. How do you sell your sets?
Ekaterina: We are represented in some show rooms like Corner Concept Store, the One store and some others. We have website and Facebook page. There is an order form on our website where it is possible to indicate the size, other parameters and some particular requests. We can make a very special individual set based on our client’s needs. Now we prepare the English version of our website to make the ordering process easier for everybody all over the world.

Weird Bird #beyourself

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