Young Ukrainian Designers to Watch

Young Ukrainian Designers to Watch

“Look into the Future” national  contest among young fashion designers was founded in 2000 and became a starting point for many, now well-known and established designers like Elena Burenina, Andre Tan,  Natalia Kamenska, Olesia Kononova, Artem Klimchuk, Ksenia Schnaider, Oleksandr Kanevski, Olena Przhonska, Dina Lynnyk, Yasya Khomenko, Masha Reva, Ivan Frolov, Jean Gritsfeldt and other renowned designers.   

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The Final of the Contest was held within Odesa Holiday Fashion Week-2017 and it showcased 18 selected collections from 11 Ukrainian cities. The creative search of the contestants was assessed by a competent jury-team consisting of authoritative Ukrainian designers: Artem Klimchuk, Masha Reva, Ivan Frolov, Yuliia Paskal, Olesia Kononova and Anastasiia Ryabokon (Lake designers) and creative director of Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Giovanni Ottonello. The Expert Committee was headed by Liliya Poustovit. The Organizing Committee of the Contest was headed by Iryna Danylevska. During the award ceremony the head of Organizing Committee of the Contest  Iryna Danylevska has announced that the Contest becomes international. 
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Grant for the creation of the next collection and participation at “New Names” project at Ukrainian Fashion Week has been accorded for the third time already by Yelizaveta Yurusheva, a famous business lady, the owner of Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv and the Founder of “Choose Future Together”charity foundation. “I think it’s really important to hold contest for young designers. Everyone would agree that once he or she was young and inexperienced.  We all have our doubts. When you are creating your first collection being a newcomer you don’t know what people will say about your work.  And it is very important to get a Grand Prix from the hands of famous designers, such as Liliya Poustovit, for example. At the same time you get confirmation that your collection will interest people. This is an incredible motivation for the future path for self-esteem. Winners receive an understanding that they are moving in the right direction. And for those contestants who have not received prizes, I think you should not miss. They need to listen carefully to all the comments to figure out what was wrong. The criticism is the best way to improve» said Yelizaveta Yurusheva, while warding Mariia Norets, the winner of the main prize. 
Mariia Norets’ “I’m coming to you” collection is about saving poems in the outfit’s fabric. The outfit is an art. The designer was inspired by the Ukrainian poetry. 
Another winner is Kateryna Larchenko with her “Digital Gods”collection. It is about modern youth, which in the context of an ever-increasing flow of visual information is increasingly turning to the traditions and beliefs of Buddhism, seeking to purify of the mind and soul. Stylistics of the collection is urban style with elements of traditional Tibetan costume.
The winner of Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) award is Olha Kurach with her “Purity” collection. It is about a little girl in a violent world, about the struggle of good and evil, where good always wins. It is a game of contrasts - emotional, colored and textured. Creating the collection the designer was inspired with the story of the "Taxi Driver" movie where Vietnam War veteran works as a night-time taxi driver  in New York City.  

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Young designer Yuliia Katsalap was awarded a special prize from a school of Garment construction and design for her “Let nature live!” collection, which is about the unbridled thirst of plants to life. Inspiration was a flower trying to push through a thick layer of concrete, or an ivy that wraps around the house ...The inspiration source are the works of the famous Kyiv ceramist Nelli Isupova. 
Now Ukrainian designers are creating the trendiest clothes that are widely recognized and loved in fashion capitals around the world. 
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