Outstanding Historical Characters of Ukraine

At all times in any country there are great people who influence geopolitics, change the course of history and sometimes they do not need to be kings for this. Occasionally these are invisible courtiers or tender wives of powerful rulers, but they were able to create or destroy entire empires and change the destinies of entire generations. Who are the outstanding historical characters of Ukraine?

Articles of the Theme


Ukrainian Women Who Changed the History: Roksolana

Hurrem Sultan, also known under the name Roksolana, was the wife of famous Ottoman Emperor Suleiman the Magnificent. She became the first woman in the history of the East who shared the right of ruling the Empire with her husband....

Ukrainian Women Who Changed the History: Anna Yaroslavna

Yaroslav the Wise, the famous and powerful king of Kyiv Rus`, had three daughters: Elizabeth, Anastacia and Anna. All three girls were destined to become the queens: they married kings and ascended to the thrones of different European countries. One of them was Anna Yaroslavna – beautiful and intelligent wife of French king Henry I, the queen of France, who has introduced many positive changes into the life and culture of French people....

Ruslana: Ukrainian Winner of Eurovision Contest 2004

In 2004 Ruslana with her song Wild Dances took Europe by storm scoring the first victory for Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest. She won the competition with the energetic performance together with her dancing troupe to the Carpathian rhythm of Wild Dances. Ruslana’s song Wild Dances was dedicated to the importance of being authentic and original....

Okean Elzy: Iconic Ukrainian Music Band

If asked about the most popular music band in Ukraine, most people will probably answer «Okean Elzy». Formed in 1994, this music band gave birth to many hits that became simply iconic for Ukrainians. With 2017 tour dates of Okean Elzy announced last week the band got in the center of media attention again. «Destinations» rounds up some of the most interesting facts from band’s history and the way it influenced contemporary Ukrainian music....

Ukrainian Women Who Changed the History: Princess Olga

She was the eminent Kyiv princess, the first Christian governess of Kyiv Rus and the first Ukrainian canonized saint. Some consider the princess Olga as a one of the cruelest and the most imperious rulers, while others think of her as a perfect mother, faithful wife and the wisest woman in Kyiv Rus history. So, what do we know about this princess who was respected by all men and who gained the throne of ancient Kyiv Rus?...