Secret Kyiv: Must-See Places

Kyiv is a truly magnificent city, impressing its dwellers and guests with fascinating architecture, unique monuments and fountains, beautiful nature in numerous parks and many other attractions. There are famous touristic sights such as Khreschatyk street or Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, but Ukrainian capital is also full of less-known places of interest, which create special spirit and cozy atmosphere of the city. Check out some secret places of Kyiv that you undoubtedly would like to see.

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Kyiv Secret Places You’d Like to See

In recent years Kyiv has become a top destination for tourists from around the world. In addition to the well-known attractions, this city hides many interesting and little-known places you would like to see....

Mystic Story of Lysa Mountain in Kyiv

Lysa Gora (Bald Mountain) is known as one of the most mysterious places in Kyiv. Numerous legends and scary stories are told about events, which took place here in different periods of history. Let us consider some facts and myths about Lysa Gora to find out why this place has such a mystical reputation....

Kyiv Secret Places: Part II

When a traveler has already visited all famous touristic sights of Ukrainian capital, he/she will probably feel desire to explore less-known or even secret spots of charming Kyiv. Experienced travelers say that it is the best way to feel soul and specific character of the city. Trust us - Kyiv has numerous locations to surprise and captivate you. Let`s take a look at some of them....

Kyiv: Most Interesting Legends and Myths

How to describe Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine? This is the city of the wide river, green chestnuts and friendly people. You will feel the atmosphere of this place while walking along its streets, slopes and hills....

Peizazhna Sculpture Alley in Kyiv

Peizazhna or Landscape sculpture alley is one of the most unique and bright places in Kyiv. Creative benches and contemporary sculptures, marvelous wall decorations and playgrounds with fairy tale characters often impress locals and tourists. This interesting sight is located in the very heart of Ukrainian capital near the famous Andryiivsky Descent and the Museum of the History of Ukraine....

Places of Power: Mystical Kyiv

Kyiv, the ancient capital of Rus on the green hills by the powerful Dnipro River, breathes with history and legends. Some of the legends are related to special places with mystical and spiritual flavor located in the different parts of the city. These places of power hide many interesting secrets… So, let`s get to know them....