Tesla Top News 2018: Driving into the Future

Tesla Model X in the mountains

The world is going green - at this point, it's not a choice but a necessity to save the planet. The popularity of electric cars, including Tesla, comes as no surprise. Let's see what the company has achieved in 2018 and what can we expect in 2019.

A new tunnel in LA test drive

Elon Musk's ambitious plan to escape the horrendous Los Angeles traffic started in 2016. Two years later, the entrepreneur's The Boring Company unveiled the first tunnel in Hawthorne, as LA Times reported. The research 1.14-mile tunnel runs beneath the streets of Hawthorne and is meant for autonomous, electric cars.

The test drive completed by Musk himself behind the wheel of Tesla Model X proved to be a tad bumpy due to the uneven structure of the tunnel. Musk, however, says that the existing tunnel is just a prototype and the operating model will be "smooth as glass." According to the billionaire's estimates, the system should be up and running by 2028 provided everything goes okay.

Supercharger: soon in Ukraine

Tesla superchargerUkraine popped up in Elon Musks's recent tweet concerning Supercharger, a 480-volt DC fast-charging station by Tesla:

Billionaire promised coverage "from Ireland to Kiev, from Norway to Turkey" and was promptly corrected by one of the followers regarding the correct spelling of Ukrainian capital's name. #KyivnotKiev was introduced during Eurovision 2017 to remind of the correct Ukrainian spelling "Kyiv" opposed to the obsolete Soviet "Kiev".

Ordering Tesla Model 3 from Ukraine

Tesla Model 3In December 2018, Tesla launched ordering Model 3 vehicle for Europe, including Ukraine. Now electric cars fans can reserve the car without the assistance of middlemen, simply filling a form at the official Tesla website. It's worth noting that the credit card written in the application form should have 1000 euros on the balance. The credit card's Internet shopping limit has to allow the transaction as well.

Tesla plans to ship more cars in Europe

Robots assembling Tesla carsFollowing the opening orders for Model 3 in Europe, Tesla plans to ship around 3 000 Model 3 cars per week starting February 2019, reports Electrek based on the information from the Belgian port handling and storage company ICO. The cars will be shipped to Europe from San Francisco via the Zeebrugge port in Belgium. Tesla is said to invest 2.5 million euros in the new traffic.

Model 3 beats the US market records

Tesla Model 3 on the parking lotIn June 2018, Tesla Model 3 vehicle became the best-selling mid-sized premium sedan in the USA. According to Insdeevs, the company's estimates for the month of June are 6 250 cars sold in the US. Tesla's infographic is based on official press releases from each carmaker.

Tesla among the trusted brands 2018

Tesla car serviceA recent online survey conducted by Toluna revealed the Internet users' disposition regarding trusting major companies with their personal information. A thousand respondents were asked to vote for or against popular companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Uber and Tesla.

The survey showed that 1.3% of consumers have a lack of trust in Tesla, which is one of the lowest scores. In comparison, Facebook gained mistrust of 40% of users, mostly due to the numerous information leaks and the Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

Going electric by 2030s, says DNV GL

Electric car chargerGlobal quality assurance and risk management company DNV GL has released an Energy Transition Outlook with the experts' forecast regarding the global energy situation. According to the research, by 2027 half of new cars sold in Europe will be battery powered, strengthening the electric cars trend.

The same situation will be observed in 2032 in China, India and North America. The transition from gas cars to electric vehicles will contribute to an overall reduction in the transport sector's share of global energy demand from 27% to 20% by 2050.

Photo source: tesla.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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