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The modern technologies almost daily surprise us with new innovations that make our life easier and more comfortable. Suitcase following its owner, watch charging from skin and toys that help kids learn coding… What else to expect? Check out the most useful gadgets introduced to the market in 2018.

TouchPoints – Bracelets to Reduce Stress

In our dynamic world, many people tend to worry about thousands of things. This gadget was developed specially for those ones who often feel anxious and emotionally unstable. Two TouchPoints bracelets for left and right hands pulse evenly during the whole day, relaxing a user`s nervous system. TouchPoints are a perfect choice for people who have much stress, insomnia or nightmares. They also will help those who are amenable to anxiety and cannot concentrate on work in a proper way. After the tests, the results have shown that TouchPoints bracelets reduce the level of stress and hyperactivity.

Suitcase that Follows its Owner

Tired of dragging your luggage around? We have good news for you. Xiaomi company has recently presented self-moving suitcase 90FUN Puppy 1, which can follow its owner. The device is controlled by button on a small remote on the distance up to 20 m. Built-in drive component allows suitcase to move back and forth, negotiating obstacles. The suitcase is able to ride round people, to run over irregularities on the floor and even to move up the inclined surface (up to 30 angle degrees). User can open this suitcase with his/her personal fingerprint. It is quite difficult to break or to seriously damage the suitcase – it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Holding capacity of the suitcase is 30 l. Its lithium accumulator can be taken out to avoid problems with transport companies.

Moviphone – Smartphone with Projector

This gadget, looking like a regular phablet, has a surprise – its body hides a projector inside. The thickness 10.2 mm is the only parameter that somehow indicates the device`s unusual purpose. Such dimensions are required for hidden laser that is able to project HD-resolution picture with size up to 100 inches at brightness 50 lm. You will see the projected picture that is shown on 5.5-inch screen: movie, presentation, games or whatever else. Moviphone works on the base of Android 7.0 Nougat. The accumulator of the device ensures 4–6 hours of functioning in the projector mode.

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Nokia Sleep

The Finnish company Nokia has recently released an unusual device with the name that speaks for itself. Obviously, Nokia Sleep gadget is offered to control the quality of your sleep. All you need to do is to place it below your matrass, to connect gadget to the Internet and to synchronize it with your smartphone by Wi-Fi. Special mobile app called Health Mate lets you see the statistics of sleep phases length and gives recommendations on increasing sleep quality. Nokia Sleep has integration with IFTTT service that allows connecting it with the particular components of a smart house system. For example, the gadget is able to turn off the lights when a user gets up from bed or to turn off TV when he/she falls asleep.

Root — Learn Coding with Pleasure

Everyone knowns that IT technologies play one of the most important roles in the modern world, so it is reasonable to get familiar with them from the early age. Root, a mini robot developed by the Harvard scientists, will teach your children basics of coding and algorithm development while playing. The device, which is fixed to a desk, executes remote programmed commands. The gadget is controlled by special Square app installed on iPad. Moving icons in it, kids create if-then algorithms. Root can draw patterns, erase them, move in the given direction, make sounds, highlight and find other devices by Wi-Fi. All operations are programmed in the application. The device has text interfaces of various complexity for different age groups. The learning process is divided into levels. On the first level, users work with graphic icons; on the second level, they learn software language similar to Scratch; on the third level, they can use serious software languages such as Javascript.

Watch that Charges from Your Body

Matrix Industries presented its new wrist gadget that does not require charging from electric power line. The new smart device is called PowerWatch X. The main feature of this watch is the technology of transforming human`s body heat into charging energy. In such a way, the charging of accumulator is done directly from the contact of gadget with skin. PowerWatch X is able to indicate notifications from smartphone synchronized by Bluetooth and, of course, to register physical activity. Precise calculation of expended calories is performed using the same signature technology of heat transformation.

Aveine Aerator – Gift for Wine Gourmands

Sometimes sommeliers pour wine in a decanter for particular time before pouring it into glasses. They do it to aerate wine. Aeration enriches drink with air and helps to deliver its unique flavor. French device called Aveine Aerator also fills wine with air – however, it is able to do it not in a few hours but in a few seconds. For example, Aveine Aerator can make wine taste like it was left in a regular decanter for a whole day. In the course of tests the developers of this gadget found out that wine from Aveine Aerator tastes softer than wine from the bottle. Please note: not all wines are subject to aeration, so better ask google or sommelier before using this magic device.
Modern gadgets and devices make us feel that we are already living in a future dream. Enjoy!
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