20 Best Beaches in the World According to TripAdvisor

20 Best Beaches in the World According to TripAdvisor

Snow has almost left the territory of Ukraine, and many brave souls warm themselves with dreams of Bounty-like paradise: beaches with crystal clear water, serenity, and well-deserved rest. Luckily, a popular travel service TripAdvisor is right on cue with their annual beach rating. Let’s check out their best picks.

Travellers’ Choice, an annual award from tourist service TripAdvisor, is given to the best spots according to the visitor’s reviews and ratings. In 2018, the award was given to 20 beaches that steadily climb on the top of the most luring places to have a heavenly stay. The separate list rated beaches of the US, while another one judged the rest of the world.
World Rating:
1. Grace Bay – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
The first prize was given to the paradise-like beach on the isles of Turks and Caicos. The crystal clear water, long coastline and soft sand allowed Grace Bay to make it to the top. According to the reviews, watching the sunset on this beach is an experience beyond description.
2. Baia do Sancho – Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

This gorgeous location in Brazil boasts of the hidden gem — a breathtaking waterfall located to its left. Soft climate, intriguing flora and fauna, as well as chill atmosphere, are among the reasons visitors loved this place a lot.
3. Varadero Beach – Varadero, Cuba
Different shades of blue, cozy sand and almost 24/7 availability of lounge chairs: all this is true while describing this beach on Cuba. Besides, not far from the beach tourists can find flea markets, rum store and a chocolate factory.
4. Eagle Beach – Palm - Eagle Beach, Aruba
The fourth best beach in the world is perfect for long strolls, sunbathing and water sports. Despite the clear turquoise water, the area is not overcrowded and offers peace and privacy for tourists.
5. Seven Mile Beach – Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands
sevenmile cayman
The 7 miles beach on the Cayman Islands is a perfect place for lazy leisure, as well as water sports: for instance, many visitors recommend snorkeling or scuba diving to see beautiful coral reefs. The place is easily accessible by cruise ships.
6. La Concha Beach – San Sebastian – Donostia, Spain
A nice metropolitan beach with swimmers in any kind of weather, La Concha is especially popular for long strolls and biking along the coast on the boulevard. According to the reviews, the view is especially gorgeous from the top of the funicular at the far end.
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7. Clearwater Beach – Clearwater, Florida
The beach’s name says it all: this Florida beach boasts of its crystal clear water, which is shallow enough to be occupied by families with lots of kids. USA Today readers rewarded Clearwater the Best Beach Town in Florida in 2013.
8. Seven Mile Beach – Negril, Jamaica
sevenmile jamaica
Once haunted by pirates, now the beach is full of those seeking a well-deserved rest under the bright Jamaica sun. Besides, lots of restaurants with various cuisines are located along the stretch of Seven Mile Beach.
9. Bavaro Beach – Bavaro, Dominican Republic
Bavaro Beach is a place beloved by both locals and tourists. No wonder, since the clear waters with comfortable temperature and close to none seaweed and seashells are one of the factors for the perfect swim.
10. Playa Norte – Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Finally, the last winner in the world rating of the Travellers’ Choice award, this beach in Mexico has various activities to lure in adventurous tourists: snorkeling, meeting whale sharks and going on a sightseeing tour in Cancun.
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US rating:
1. Clearwater Beach – Clearwater, Florida

Number seven in the world rating, this beach was named the best in the US. No wonder Florida takes up 6 nominations from the list: after all, the state is known for its sunny weather, carefree vibes and crystal clear water on the beaches.
2. Siesta Beach – Siesta Key, Florida
Smooth white sand and high-level accessibility allowed Siesta Beach to become a runner-up on the list. The place has convenient parking, free shuttle bus from the city, as well as all needed equipment to play beach volleyball.
3. Ka'anapali Beach – Lahaina, Hawaii
This busy beach is well known among lovers of nature and water sports: secured spot away from the noise offers snorkeling with fish and turtles. Besides, visitors can have an opportunity to see whales.
4. South Beach – Miami Beach, Florida
Miami is known for beaches with the softest sand and palms along the road. This particular one is especially beloved by fashion photographers for its incredible sights. Besides, the neighborhood boasts of its nightlife and excellent restaurants.
5. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve – Honolulu, Hawaii
One more place to enjoy snorkeling with the abundance of fish — two passes through the reef open up the doors into the great sea world of Hawaii.
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6. Fort Lauderdale Beach – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Spotless, uncrowded beach with lifeguards on duty — that’s how visitors describe Fort Lauderdale. The place is known for the famous 7 Mile Bridge which goes through the Gulf of Mexico heading right to the Florida Keys.
7. Saint Pete Beach – St. Pete Beach, Florida
Not a first timer in the world and the US Travellers’ Choice award, Saint Pete Beach a gorgeous place to bask in the sun, and enjoy sports activities: from parasailing and surfing to banana boat riding and renting a jet ski.
8. Hollywood Beach – Hollywood, Florida

Beautiful beach suitable for all ages is located in Hollywood, Florida. The long boardwalk is filled with exercising people in the morning, and lovely couples in the evening. Great waves and all amenities included.
9. Santa Monica Beach – Santa Monica, California
The area with breezy winds, blue waters and tons of restaurants located nearby lure in millions of tourists every year.
10. Lanikai Beach – Kailua, Hawaii
The last place in the rating goes to this small beach in Hawaii, whose name literally means “Heavenly Sea”. Turquoise water, secluded safe area and turtle sightings allowed it to become one of the best beaches in 2018.
Source: tripadvisor.com. Photo source: shutterstock.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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