2017 Noticeable Changes in Kyiv

2017 Noticeable Changes in Kyiv

During last few years, Kyiv has been rapidly developing and becoming more and more attractive and comfortable city for its dwellers and guests. The year 2017 was undoubtedly an important period that  brought many significant changes to the life of Ukrainian capital. Let`s sum up which 2017 noticeable changes in Kyiv took the city closer to the standards of a highly-developed European metropolis.

Pedestrian Kontraktova square
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In 2017, Kyiv administration decided to start a large reconstruction on the main square of historical Podil district. Almost all the old cafes and kiosks near the metro entrance and tram railways were pulled down. Currently there is a big square with young trees and alleys, where people can walk and have rest. Besides, in summer 2017, a part of Kontraktova square and adjacent Sagaydachnogo street was made a pedestrian area as an experiment. It was planned that that area would be pedestrian only until September, but people really loved the experimental innovation, so it was decided to leave the square pedestrian permanently.
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Opening of Poshtova square
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In May 2017, Poshtova square near River Port was opened after a serious reconstruction. Nowadays, this area of the city delights people with beautiful flowerbeds, trees, green lawns and sculptures. Many locals and tourists enjoy walking in this area, drinking coffee and pleasing their eyes with new beautiful square, colorful fountain with lights and amazing Dnipro River view.
New Murals
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During the whole year, new murals and graffiti artworks have been appearing on the walls of Kyiv`s buildings in all districts of the city. The creative ideas of wall paintings were brought to life by Ukrainian and foreign artists. Some of the paintings have already become symbols of Ukrainian capital, and one of them even gained world-wide fame. In November 2017, the building of police in Pechersk district of Kyiv became the first police station in the world decorated by mural. Moreover, this artwork was included into the list of 7 best on-wall paintings of the world. The painting of man`s hands, saving little flower from dirt and trash, was created by New York artist under pseudonym BKFoxx.
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New Theatre on Andryyivsky Descent
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The opening of the new theatre on Andryyivsky Descent in Kyiv provoked a big scandal in mass media and Kyiv society. Many people were disappointed by modern minimalistic design of the theatre building: in their opinion, it disharmonized with the old historical buildings around it and disturbed the traditional look of the famous street. However, there were also lots of opponents who liked the new style of the theatre. This issue was considered by a special commission, and after all negotiations, the new theatre was finally opened on October 9, 2017.
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Opening of Bicycle Track
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On May 20, 2017, the renewed Kyiv bicycle track was opened in the center of the city at the address 15, Lypynskogo street. Besides track itself, the location offers reconstructed building with rooms for sportsmen (locker rooms, showers, first-aid post, gym), grand stands for 280 people, cafe and underground parking.
Video Monitoring
In the course of “Safe city” project, around 5000 video monitoring cameras were installed in the different locations of Ukrainian capital. The received information is analyzed by city data center and police. It is planned to develop the project and to install more cameras in order to ensure safety of Kyiv dwellers and its guests.
Automation of Metro Stations
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In 2017, Kyiv metro began to implement new card system of payment. It is supposed that tokens will be falling into disuse during the following months, and all ticket barriers will become automated. Klovska metro station became the first station in Kyiv where full-automation experiment took place: the first automats selling tickets with QR-codes instead of tokens were installed there.
Development of Kyiv Parks
In February, new “Pochayna” park was officially established in Obolon` district of Kyiv. The new park, located along Pochayna River between Bandery avenue and Elektrikov street, embraces 10 hectares.
In June, Kyoto park with the longest sakura alley in Ukraine was opened after reconstruction. A new interesting sight of the park was presented to the audience – we are talking about Japanese garden with stones, dry lake, bridges, beautiful lights and plants, designed by Japanese landscape architect Shiro Nakane.
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On October 31, renovated “Yunist`” park was opened in Solomensky district of Kyiv. The reconstruction works took three years. Here visitors can enjoy big kids` playground, bicycle track, new alleys, trees and bushes.
In November, four designer swings were installed in the lower part of Park of Fame in Pechersk district. The swings are real pieces of art decorated with bright Petrykivka paintings (traditional Ukrainian decorative style), made by 10 women from Kyiv. “Kyivzelenbud” (the biggest Kyiv organization on landscape gardening) promises that similar art objects will soon appear in many places of the city.
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Three new squares were also opened on Malyshko street (Dniprovsky district), Verbitskogo street (Darnitsky district) and Lobanovskogo avenue (Solomensky district).
Feel how life got easier and nicer with 2017 noticeable changes in Kyiv.
Photo source: shutterstock.com, websites of organizations mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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