2018 Urban Changes in Kyiv

2018 Urban Changes in Kyiv

Each month the capital of Ukraine hears of dozens of fine dining spots openings, a bunch of concert announcements and new directions of low-cost airlines. There are, however, important things that often stay in the shadows — new identic, metro stations renaming and Kyiv navigation projects. That's why Destinations have gathered a digest of urban life news in Kyiv.

Tourist Navigation

A non-governmental organization Агенти Змiн ("Agents of Change") is well-known even to those dwellers of Kyiv who haven't heard of it before — their metro cards and maps design speak for themselves. This time, Агенти Змiн raise money for urban navigation at Lvivska Ploscha. The place located in mere 10 minutes away from major sightseeing spots – Andriivskyi Uzviz, Saint Sophia Cathedral and Peizazhna Alley are just some of them. Four navigation stands installed in a square on Lvivska Ploshcha will show directions to the popular spots and give a short commentary on the sights and details one will see on the way, such as Karaite Kenesa near Zoloti Vorota metro station. Information will be dubbed in Ukrainian and English.
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Single design for city elements
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Kyiv City State Administration approved a new single design for urban architectural elements, such as waste containers, road work signs and parking posts. Moreover, there are now requirements concerning their quantity — trash cans or other waste containers should be installed in every public space like parks, beaches railway stations, shopping centers, as well as medical and educational institutions. They will contain information about the owner and contact number, so that any concerns about trash disposal could be addressed directly. Road work signs will now be made of polymeric materials. Finally, parking posts will be either metal or rubber, so that they won't be damaged when in contact with a pedestrian or car.
New shop signs
2017 marked the new law, concerning shop signs in Kyiv and their design. When strolling the streets of downtown and far-away districts, it's not hard to notice that most signs clash with the architectural design, or even architectural value. Some houses built in the 19th century are shyly hidden behind the gigantic, bright, often neon signs of various institutions.
A year later, major companies and restaurants finally begin to follow the new rules: smaller shop signs that fit the exterior and don't block the view on the building's décor.
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Nebesna Sotnia memorial complex
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The idea of building a monument dedicated to heroes of 2014 Revolution has been floating in the air for at least couple of years. That's why the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine hosted a contest on the best project to commemorate the memory of February events. In 2018, the winners were finally announced: architectural bureau MIstudio, architects Iryna Volynets and Mariia Protsyk. The new memorial will help to understand the struggle of Ukraine for freedom, at the same time staying away from any political or social calls. 107 linden trees will be planted in memory of every fallen hero. In the far-away corner of the memorial authors of the project plan to plant a garden, where people can rest and relax.
Andriivskyi Uzviz without kiosks
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Andriivskyi Uzviz is known for numerous shopping stalls where tourists can find folk souvenirs to bring home. In March 2018, the metal shopping kiosks located on the intersection of Volodymyrska and Desiatynna streets will be relocated to the Alley of Artists. According to the First Deputy Director of municipal enterprise Kyyivblahoustriy Andrii Andrieiev, one of the reasons for de-installing were numerous complaints from parents whose kids study at the neighbouring school. 
Other shopping stalls located on both sides of descent down the street won't be removed.
Metro station renaming
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In January this year, Kyiv City State Administration approved renaming of several city objects. Thus, Petrivka metro station will now be called Pochaina, named after one of the oldest rivers in Kyiv. Besides, Kurenivsko-Krasnoarmiiska metro line may be changed for Obolon-Teremky, as the old name doesn't correspond to the up-to-date reality: the line doesn't go through Kurenivka, and Krasnoarmiiska metro station is now called Palats Ukraiina.
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Kyiv is changing day by day, and we expect more good news about its development in future.
Photo sources: shutterstock.com, Агенти Змiн, Yuliya Byelinska Facebook pages. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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