5 Places Around Lviv for the Best Weekend

5 Places Around Lviv for the Best Weekend

Lviv gets exceptionally busy in summer. The city  hosts numerous festivals and art events as well as offers an impressive variety of fun and exciting activities to try out during the season. However, in case you want to take a break from all the hustle that fills the downtown  and enjoy a short pleasant trip outside the city, «Destinations» gathered together the list of beautiful places around Lviv for the best weekend.

"Castles of Lviv region" is one of the most popular tour among travelers who are visiting Lviv. Lviv castles’ beautiful architecture, mystical history and scenic landscapes attract many visitors. The most popular tourist route, the so called "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region», was created specially to promote the castle legacy of Galicia region. This route consists of five major landmarks: Olesko, Pidhirtsi, and some Zolochiv Castles. The best option is to travel by car or by bus, as all of 5 castles are located by the highway and you can examine all of them within 1 day. Today many travel companies offer «Castles of Lviv Region» tour as castles are among the most popular local attractions. You'll have a great chance to see castles as well as try food and wine in the medieval restaurants.
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Lviv region is a travel mecca for numerous visitors who come to Ukraine. Due to its geographical location, rich history and multicultural background, this area can offer many interesting options even for the most spoiled and curious travelers. If you don’t mind a gentle hike, we offer to visit a unique  Cave Monastery, which is located in Rozhirchne village in Lviv region. The vast complex, which consists of several monasteries, is located in artificial caves. The oldest monastery is dated back to the 13th century. The walls of the caves are decorated with 17th century frescoes. 
This is a truly unique complex which can be found nowhere else in Ukraine. It’s difficult to get there though, as the location is quite remote. It is a good idea to visit this place with a guided tour or hire an experienced guide.

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One mile north of the village of Urych in Lviv Region stands a unique rocky massif that attracts hordes of tourists each year. This is Tustan’ Fortress. Once a Kyivan-Rus Fortress named Tustan stood here (9th – 13th Centuries). All that remains are 4000 grooves and kerfs where the wooden beams once clung to the rocks. Tanks were carved to hold water, and a well was dug to withstand long sieges.
This destination attracts many hikers. They take the trail on the left of Tustan Fortress which leads to the church and spring water which is believed to have healing properties. The hiking route goes 1.6 kilometers to Ostriy Kamin where there is a campsite. It is not steep for the first kilometer, but then gains 100 meters in elevation.

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If you’d like to enjoy beautiful Carpathian vistas without having to drive for 2 or 3 hours to the heart of the mountains, head to Parashka mountain ridge. Parashka is the highest mountain in Lviv region. Its hight reaches 1268 meters. After a gentle hike up the hill you will have chance to enjoy breathtaking views of green meadows and mountains. 

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"Skole Beskids" National Natural Park, part of which also is located in Lviv region, is one of the most beautiful national parks in Ukraine. The park is located in the valleys of Striy and Opir rivers, and there is a good opportunity for boating, rafting and even sailing. If you decide to visit “Skole Beskids” Park, you will also have a chance to relax and improve your health, as in 1970 geologists have discovered rich reserves of mineral waters, such as “Naftusya” in the village of Skhidnytsia near the national park. These days the park offers more than 30 mineral springs spa areas. Mineral springs are located in the valley of Maydanske Rybnik and around New Kropyvnyk village. 

Once there, don’t miss a chance to visit Kamianka or the Kamianetskyi waterfall, which is located on the Kamianka river in "Skole Beskids" national park. Despite the fact that the waterfall is rather small it is set in the most beautiful location amid ancient forest. 
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The amount of attraction in Lviv region guarantees that everyone can easily plan an interesting and exciting weekend to spend in and out of Lviv that will suit different interests and tastes. 
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